Ride 2 Hands-On Preview – Taking My Time on My Ride

Ride 2 Preview

In the world of hyper-realistic racing games, it can often be difficult to stand out. Developers need to add enough novel content without compromising realism. Ride 2 walks this fine line as the follow-up to highly regarded motorcycle racing game Ride. The developers at Milestone have aggregated all the concerns and praise from the last title into a true sequel. With over 200 bike models, 30 different tracks, and over 1200 customizable parts for those bikes you can create your perfect racer just the way you like it.

Customization is the keyword for Ride 2. Not only is every performance piece of your bike interchangeable, but the purely cosmetic ones as well. Milestone has gained licensing agreements with many manufacturers, so you’ll find that the options in the game seem like a catalogue straight from the real world. Everything from racer attire to the exhaust, it’s all modeled after real brands. Chances are good that you can recreate the bike of your dreams in this game without the ridiculous price tag.


“It’s a good thing the racing model is one of the best around.” 

What good is all that customization if the actual racing doesn’t hold up to real world expectations? It’s a good thing the racing model is one of the best around. The second the clock counts down, you start to get a sense for the handling and weight of the bike. Larger and powerful bikes will rip off the line quickly, but can quickly tip over without proper handling; smaller bikes can easily maneuver around corners but have a hard time keeping up with the pack. One of the more impressive models is how two spinning wheels interact. Instead of simply bumping off each other like other games, the actual physics of two spinning rubber objects is taken into account and will throw the posterior rider over their handlebars. Weather can play a huge role as well, affecting everything from visibility to handling.

Ride 2 Top Screen

Track selection for Ride 2 offers not only famous circuits, but famous locales that offer an invigorating race experience. Not all of the landmark racing locations are a one-to-one replica since the actual stretches of road they’re inspired by aren’t the most exciting for racing; however, the scenery and landscape are spot on. You could easily scratch your racing and travel itch simultaneously.

Ride 2 offers are an incredibly customizable racing experience for motorcycle racing fans, from die-hard enthusiasts to casual hobbyists. With plans of continuing support in the form of both paid and free updates, there will be no shortage of bike combinations to keep fans busy.