Blood and Truth Hands On Preview – A VR Gem In The Making

Blood and Truth

As developers become more comfortable with VR, I’ve noticed the trend for VR games to become more fleshed out with more gameplay mechanics than a simple one-trick-pony. Having played through a mission of Blood and Truth, I can only speak positively about the direction that PSVR games are headed. In Blood and Truth, you take on the role of a detective in London. Everything you do is controlled by the VR headset and the Move controllers. I feel like many other VR experiences are described as immersive and that certainly is true for this game, but I would take it one step further and call it intuitive as well.

blood and truth 1

From the initial tutorial, all of the controls seem fluid and natural. Pulling your gun from your holster and shooting down range is a simple continuous motion. Peering around corners is as simple as literally tilting your head around a corner. Movement is a bit awkward at first with the waypoints, but the look-and-walk mechanism for locomoting starts to feel natural when forced into the heat of battle. Strafing around cover with the buttons on the Move controller provides an extra bit of mobility that feels equally as intuitive.

blood and truth 2

All of the combat was fun, but the best part of the demo was at the end when you interrogate a sleazy suspect. Sure you can play Mister Nice Guy and maybe tease out the info you need, or you can get straight to the point by shooting the mobster in the knee or arm to get him to talk faster. I’ve seen this done in other games, but the intensity of the scene is magnified by having total control of the detective’s head and hands. Taunting him through your actual actions rather via a prompt is something I’ve always wanted in dialogue-heavy games; through PSVR and the Move controllers, it becomes a possibility.

Blood and Truth is slated for release sometime in 2018, exclusively for the PSVR.