Your New Favorite Keyboard – The Vissles LP85

Vissles LP85

Over the past several months, I’ve auditioned several Vissles keyboards, including the V94, a compact mechanical wireless keyboard with hot-swappable keys. Lately I’ve been using the Vissles LP85, a compact, low-profile keyboard. The LP85 is obviously meant to compete with Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It has a similar form factor, though slightly larger and a bit thicker. Unlike the Magic Keyboard, the LP85 comes in both Mac and Windows configurations. It also has some cool RGB lighting effects, which are entirely missing on Apple’s product.

The LP85 is a hybrid optical-mechanical keyboard. It has low profile, optical switch keys but also has the satisfying clack and comfort of a mechanical keyboard. With its N-key rollover technology with 50g actuation force, 0.2ms speedy response, and 1.2mm pre-travel, the LP85 is a tactile pleasure to type on for extended periods. Entirely absent on membrane keyboards, the aural impact of a keyboard is both aesthetic and practical.

Made of matte, solid aluminum, the LP85 feels solid without being too heavy to throw in a bag if needed. The two silicone anti-slip strips keep it firmly in place on the desk. The case is a bit darker than “space grey,” but looks great with either a Mac or PC, and is available with either black or white keys. At 75% of full size, it takes up less room but still has comfortable key spacing.

Improved Bluetooth

The LP85 can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 or with a cable. In an earlier review unit, I had some minor issues with latency in wireless mode. A more recent unit had no noticeable latency at all. The LP 85 can pair with up to three devices, and is easily switched between them. This is great if your desktop contains — as does mine — a Mac, PC and tablet.

In terms of pure fun factor, the Vissles LP85’s RGB dynamic lighting system adds a bit of cool to an otherwise mundane part of work. There are19 dynamic and 8 monochrome backlit modes, and they’re easy to switch between and adjust. No keyboard probably needs color-changing lights, but they add functionality in dim room light and a little something extra to gaming setups.

Though I love Apple products, I’ve never been a huge fan of Magic Keyboards. On the other hand, the Vissles LP85 feels and sounds great in about the same amount of space. Now that the latency issues are gone, it’s easy to recommend the LP85 as a Magic Keyboard alternative, or a keyboard for Windows users looking to downsize their workspace.

***LP85 provided for review***