Your Wallet Will Thank You With VoltEdge’s High Quality & Low Cost Audio Gear

VoltEdge’s Upcoming Products Announced at E3 2019

Plenty of companies you may not have heard much about come to E3 to showcase the latest and greatest tech. While the market of gaming accessories is often overpowered by huge recognizable brands, it is important to remember these global names started small much like the companies you see proudly displaying their new products on the E3 show floor. One such company I was happy to get to know is VoltEdge, a developer of gaming headsets and accessories that put their own unique spin on their products to make your experience more comfortable than you might think. VoltEdge had two all new products to showcase at E3 this year for the discerning gamer and you just might want to listen to what they have in store for you.

First, VoltEdge has already put out a number of comfortable and affordable gaming headsets with the TX20, TX30, and TX40 respectively, but their latest model – the TX70 – aims to be the first high-quality wireless gaming headset at a reasonable price. Designed with PC’s, PS4, and Switch in mind, the TX70 is built for performance and comfort. I’m used to having to max out a headset’s size before putting it on but VoltEdge knows that many gamers – especially those within their own company – need a larger setting and so its built for a wider range of sizes. The earcups are coated in an athletic mesh that will prevent overheating and sweating for extended play sessions, and the headset maintains a 15-hour life at full charge.

Better Than Advertised

As a headset designed to be high quality and affordable I had expected an average quality of audio, yet I was happy to damage my eardrums in the name of discovery and max out the volume to discover there was no tearing, static, or noteworthy distortion. In fact, playing Spider-Man I was noticing even more ambient sounds and effects than I did at home with my usual pro-gaming headset. It’s also worth noting the earcups not only attach with 90 degree rotational access which accommodates for more head shapes, but they are also modeled into a diamond shape as opposed to the standard round or oval. I was hesitant to this aesthetic at first but found it to be a vastly superior level of comfort that I didn’t expect. VoltEdge will be rolling out the TX70 model at $59.99 USD

voltedge tx70

Already impressed with the new headset, VoltEdge gave me the opportunity to demo their upcoming 3D Audio Array. The device promises headset-quality audio through the use of something like a personalized surround sound device. I sat down in front of the rig as they started playing music and for the first few seconds it seemed like any other speaker, to be honest. Then I realized the localized audio was almost completely tuning out the electricity of the E3 show floor. While others around you will still hear your audio like any other speaker, sitting in front of the device felt like a personalized surround sound experience with audio targeting each ear.

voltedge audio array

The range to which you could effectively sit in front of the device was also quite impressive with plenty of leeway to still get the full effect. It also, of course, features full EQ customization and is compact and durable enough to sit underneath a monitor or laptop while you game. It was a strange sensation to have that level of quality without anything sitting on my head, but if it sounded that good with several thousand people in the room playing games, I can only imagine the quality in the privacy of my own home. You can expect to grab the 3D Audio Array for $299.00 USD

VoltEdge is a young company with developers who have been in the industry for over 20 years. They are coming out of the gate swinging with this impressive tech, and if you happen to be obsessed with audio, you might want to keep a close eye on them as they look to break into the market by storm with these impressive innovations. If you are curious about VoltEdge and their unique line of products – including a more ergonomic Switch Joy-Con Grip with built-in storage – check out their official website.