ROCCAT Kova AIMO is an Elegant, Responsive and Affordable Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT Kova AIMO Impressions

The ROCCAT Kova AIMO mouse is easily one of the best gaming mice I’ve ever owned. Sure, I always prefer a wireless version but even still, this mouse is no joke. Considering its relatively affordable price at $49.99 (cheaper on Amazon right now), the Kova is excellent bang for the buck. It’s a truly a fantastic ambidextrous gaming mouse that offers up tons of customization options with the included software, has a sleek design and is butter smooth to operate.

At first glance, the Kova looks sharp. The matte white design with the illuminated scroll wheel and lights located down by the heel of the mouse make this one of the best-looking gaming mice on the market. It doesn’t have an over-the-top look, it’s actually rather simple but it all works and looks pretty dope to me. The lights powered by the AIMO lighting engine add such a nice touch and really pop in the dark. They are customizable in 16.8M colors as well. Logo’s on a mouse can typically be an eyesore, but not for this mouse. The ROCCAT Kova logo on the top of the mouse doesn’t look too shabby at all.

Simple and Elegant

The mouse has a contoured and comfortable design with buttons located on either side. There are convenient quick fire top buttons as well. It feels good in your hand and super smooth to maneuver. Almost too smooth, but mainly because my previous mouse was hot garbage and I am still getting used to the sensitivity of the Kova. Its accuracy is also pin-point. Finally, right by the mouse wheel there is a DPI switcher button, which allows you to switch through five different DPI profiles.

For me, the mouse seems a bit heavy but I realize this can be a bit of a subjective topic. I am used to smaller mice, so naturally, it did feel a little on the heavy side. That being said, many online report it being very lightweight and raised no concerns with the weight of the mouse. The braided cable likely plays a bit of factor but regardless, the durability of a braided cable is something I quite appreciated. Especially for a guy who can be a bit reckless with his gaming peripherals.

The included software allows you to adjust the vertical scroll speed, horizontal tilt speed, double click speed and the DPI. You can also tweak your mouse trails and the button assignment area allows you to configure 12 different buttons. There is also an EasyShift [+] option which gives you more options. Needless to say, there is almost every customizable option available using the software. I tend to not tinker too much with default settings but I am certain many will absolutely love all the options here.


Of course, I played around with the illumination settings because, why not? With over 16 million colors it was pretty cool to mess around with those options. You can go with slow pulsing, fast blinking or constant illumination as well. So if changing your mouse lighting options is something you fancy, the Kova has you covered.

Gaming with the mouse feels really great. You don’t notice the weight much at all when gaming and like I mentioned above feels super smooth and comfortable to use. Over my crusty old mouse pad, this mouse seemed incredibly accurate and responsive.

Overall the ROCCAT Kova AIMO Mouse is a rock-solid gaming mouse and at the MSRP of $49.99 this is a mouse that should last you a good few years of heavy gaming. There remain better mice on the market but for your money, it doesn’t get any better than the Kova. Whether you are left or right handed or someone who loves endless customizable options, the Kova is the perfect mouse for all your PC gaming needs.

***The ROCCAT Kova was provided by the publisher***