Ranking 2019’s Best Looking Video Games

4. Jedi: Fallen Order

While Jedi: Fallen Order might have some texture and graphical issues, when it loads it’s a strong contender for the crown. Seeing lightsabers in the best graphics possible is always a priority, and Respawn not only understands that its fans value a single-player Star Wars experience, but that they want it to look good too.

3. Control

Control is an ambitious game with a lot to lose, but fortunately, its deep psychological story resonated with players. Not only that, but Control utilized visual storytelling and has fantastic graphics throughout, making it a pleasure to look at as well as to play. We said in our review, “Structures and surfaces look uncannily real in plenty of situations with some of the most believable looking materials I’ve seen– even without the benefit of ray tracing in the console version.”

2. Resident Evil 2 Remake

With remakes, it’s easy to rely on the upgraded visuals from the original and phone it in, but Capcom did no such thing. Instead, they used the RE Engine to create outstanding visuals, utilizing the horror atmosphere of the franchise extremely well. Plus, it’s just fun to play: as we said in our review, “Perhaps the most impressive aspect of Resident Evil 2’s graphics are the wet gore effects on zombies as you mow them down with various firearms.”

1. Death Stranding

The title of Death Stranding has a synonym: divisive. However, regardless of one’s opinions about the quality of the game itself, there is no questioning the quality of its visuals. The strange, lonely world of Norman Reedus could not exist without the powerful visual storytelling and evocative landscapes of Death Stranding, and for that, it wins our Best Looking Game of the year award. After all, as we said in our review, “The environments are stunning. Many areas look very alien, with bizarre rocky outcrops or unnatural colors, but they feel real. Like I could take an exotic trip and see those exact landscapes. If there’s a game out there with more photorealistic scenery, I can’t name it.”

What do you think was the best looking game of 2019? Tell us below.

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