Ranking 2019’s Best Looking Video Games

8. Gears 5

Gears 5 sets the standard for Xbox games when it comes to the graphics, and it has so many control settings for them that it’s difficult to make up your mind when it comes to what you want. Because of the massive amount of choice, Gears 8’s graphics are up to you to do with as you will, and this, along with its great looks, makes Gears 8 a top contender for Best Looking Game.

7. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus’s smooth transitions and realistic movement creates a strong first-person shooter experience for the player, making them feel like they’re really living in that world. It’s a dangerous game to go with hyperrealism because of the fear that it’ll be outdated as soon as it’s made, but Metro Exodus shows that, when it’s done well, it can be haunting and immersive in equal measure.

6. Link’s Awakening

The Link’s Awakening remake is nearly two decades out from its source material, so it goes to show that any remake of it is going to look gorgeous in comparison. However, Link’s Awakening went above and beyond, bringing some of the most memorable scenes in The Legend of Zelda history to life with new and vibrant visuals.

5. Devil May Cry 5

Dante has always done things with style, and the fifth title in the series is no exception. Devil May Cry 5 is a return to the tone of the franchise that fans have been waiting for, and its visuals represent a Devil May Cry updated for the current generation of technology. With all the blood splatter and atmospheric fog, it’s easy to see how the layouts and character designs for Dante and company meant enough to their fans to put it this high on the list.

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