Top 5 Video Games Arriving in March 2020

Nioh 2 – PS4 – March 13

What first seemed like a Dark Souls clone has evolved into its own thing, with the first Nioh title gaining high praise for what it was. While Dark Souls brought the genre and mechanics into the mainstream, Nioh was one of many that were likely influenced by the title. However, Nioh is perhaps the best of the genre outside of the FromSoftware games. Despite any similarities, Nioh has made itself a franchise that has separated from the genre by utilizing its own mechanics and difficulty level. For the uninitiated, Nioh 2 is the sequel to Nioh, and is a challenging third-person action RPG set in a Feudal Japan-like era. For those who enjoy a challenge, Nioh 2 is likely to meet your desires.

MLB The Show 20 – PS4 – March 17

Quite possibly the last PlayStation exclusive MLB The Show titles, MLB The Show 20 enters the year as perhaps the reigning best sports game of the past few years. While the core gameplay is improved on as it is every year, MLB The Show 20 looks to bring some major improvements to its offerings. Custom leagues, franchise mode rebranding, and minor league rosters (for the first time ever) all make their way into this year’s iteration of The Show. In addition to this, yearly improvements that make Diamond Dynasty the best “ultimate team” mode in the industry will continue to come.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Switch – March 20

Sharing a release date with the aforementioned Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing takes players to the complete opposite side of the spectrum. For those who don’t know the franchise, Animal Crossing is a life simulation game in which players can improve and decorate their homes, befriend villagers, make money selling fruits, fill the museum with fossils, and much more. Perhaps the biggest allure of the game is that it is generally a relaxing experience that does not encourage extremely long play sessions and in which players can play it at their own pace. The game has loads of content, and it has been too long since the last iteration, and we cannot wait to get away to our respective islands.

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