Top 5 Games of 2019 That Can Totally Get F**ked

2. Anthem

This was supposed to be it for EA.  The collaboration between Electronic Arts and Bioware had, at times, proven to be successful, with the likes of Dragon Age and Mass Effect being wildly popular.  Anthem was to be their next great game, touted as the title to pull players away from Destiny 2 in favor of a more aerial-based shooter and looter.  That was the plan, at least.  Then the beta came out, and we all realized the fucking joke was on us.  With mediocre shooting and flying mechanics, as well as a severe lack of anything feeling important to do, Anthem disappointed players from day one and continues to be one of the major laughing stocks of the industry.  So much so that an article was written not long ago talking about how EA and Bioware were gearing up for the release of new DLC for the one remaining person still playing this fucking game.  Anthem, you easily could have been the number one game that could go fuck itself this year, but alas, the honor isn’t yours.  Still, get fucked, bitch.

Get Fucked Game of the Year Winner – Fallout 76

Oooh boy.  Are you kidding me with this one?  Here’s the funny thing about this – Fallout 76 came out in November of 2018.  This is a new category for COGconnected this year, but rest assured if we were doing this in 2018, Fallout 76 would have been told to fuck off a long time ago.  But Bethesda wasn’t satisfied with that.  Not wanting to release a bucket of monkey piss and then be forgotten, Bethesda decided that on the almost one-year anniversary of the release of Fallout 76, they would bring to us the Fallout 76 Subscription Service.  That’s right, for $99.99 a year, you could now play the worst game of 2018 with a few new features that were reportedly completely fucked anyways.  Do recycled servers, disconnects, and disappearing loot sound fun to you?  How about paying the price of a wholesome, hot meal each month for a chance to experience this?  Fallout 76, please, I beg of you, continue to do this stupid shit in 2020 so we can have this game on our list next year.  Hell, you’ll probably win again.  I’m not even going to say get fucked, but rather, solemnly shake my head as if to say, “you tried, but I think it’s time to pull the plug on these servers.”

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