5 Ways Star Wars Battlefront II Destroys Its Predecessor

5 Ways Star Wars Battlefront II Beats The Original

Despite the numerous video games that have come out featuring the Star Wars universe, few can compare to the Battlefront series. There is something about being a part of the iconic battles first hand that sets the series above the rest. When the reboot of Star Wars Battlefront launched, fans were treated to a graphics spectacle, experiencing firsthand what it was like to be at the center of Star Wars. While the end result was far less impressive than we had hoped for, it did pave the way for its recently released sequel in which Electronic Arts did their best to listen to the fans and deliver on the most authentic and immersive Star Wars experience they could. EA worked tirelessly, tweaking the game to try and create the very best version of their game possible, and for those who played the previous title, the changes are night and day. Talking about the updated graphics is too easy, it’s a given that they would put out the best visual experience possible, so here are five of the top improvements Battlefront II has over its predecessor:

1. Multiplayer Objectives

The last Battlefront featured a plethora of game modes for players to compete in, each one with their own specific objective. While modes such as starfighter assault did offer a short random objective in the form of destroying the enemies transport vessel, the game otherwise was a boring affair of either capturing a base or killing the enemies, which quickly became a grind without substance. Battlefront II, however, supplies multiple open objectives to the map that help reinforce the ensuing chaos. Players will be tasked with destroying specific objects, stealing and retrieving data pads, defending an outpost or ally, and of course, killing as many enemies as possible. The team to complete three objectives first or destroy all enemy units wins and this more complex and involved mini-story makes each playthrough feel electric. Assaulting the Naboo as the Trade Federation goes in stages that feel true to form as if it was something we somehow missed in the movie. This small addition does wonders for making the game feel alive.

2. Cooldown Times

Perhaps it’s just me and it’s all in my head, but the cooldown times on abilities feel far more reasonable this time around. Grenades and secondary weapons felt like they took ages to use in the last game, whereas in Battlefront II players are able to swap between weapons and abilities with relative ease. This means a straight up firefight can suddenly become a truly tactical combat as opposed to strict blaster fire. Add to that the fact Star Cards will allow for even faster cooldowns, combat suddenly has a wide variety of applicable tactics that make for a much more effective squad.

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3. Unique and Balanced Classes

Battlefront originally let players craft their own loadout and go out into the world with little restriction or advantage. Battlefront II introduces the class system, offering players four unique base classes, two advanced classes, heroes, and vehicles. These classes are all uniquely effective and make for a much more balanced team and loadout as opposed to all players using whatever is considered the best weapon. Each class also has distinct advantages, such as the heavy trooper having more hit points and the officer being able to set up shields and turrets. Heroes also gained a huge overhaul, now feeling incredibly unique and offering different abilities and skills between them. Special care was taken to form the classes and it shows.

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