5 Ways Star Wars Battlefront II Destroys Its Predecessor

4. Immersive Flight

One of the biggest complaints from Star Wars fans was the lack of space combat in the last game. EA listened to the fans, and in Battlefront II you are now able to compete in epic space battles that are easy to play but difficult to master. While the unique control scheme may be tough for some (although it can be changed in the settings) it is the lack of a lock-on system that makes the game so much better. Battlefront II does not feature the ability to track, lock-on, or follow an enemy ship, instead opting to leave it entirely to the skill of the pilot. It is immediately satisfying to chase down an enemy using only your flight skills and shooting them out of the sky. It feels less like playing on automatic and instead makes you feel alert and focused. Navigating passed objects in space or skillfully barnstorming the interior of a space station gets the adrenaline pumping, eliciting far more excitement than a simple low orbit dogfight ever did.

5. Single Player Options

Despite the massive popularity of multiplayer games, some of us simply want to relax and pretend we are awesome at video games by killing hordes of bots and feeling superior. Battlefront offered the slimmest of slim options when it came to single player, taking a year before a small handful of other options were added. Battlefront II kicks it up a few notches with Arcade mode and – more importantly – the Campaign. Arcade will offer hero-specific challenges, as well as Onslaught and Team Battle skirmish modes with a ton of modifier options for difficulty, active units per each team, heroes only, timer difficulty, and more. The Campaign is a fully fleshed out story following Iden Versio, the head of Inferno Squad for the Empire. Motive Studios worked closely with Lucasfilm to create the Campaign and it is official canon to the Star Wars Universe, bridging the gap between Episode 6 and Episode 7, which is pretty impressive.

There you have it, five of the top improvements made in Battlefront II. Was there something we missed? Is there something you feel should have been on the list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the comments section below.