Top 12 Nintendo Switch Games Arriving Fall/Holiday 2017


Yooka-Laylee launched on other consoles earlier this year but was unfortunately plagued with some disappointing issues. Developer Playtonic has made strides fixing the issues and will soon launch a Switch version. Considering this platformer is a homage to many of the great platformers from the Nintendo 64 era, it seems fitting to play it on Switch!


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The sequel to the huge hit, Xenoblade Chronicles, is expected to launch sometime before the end of 2017. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be a huge treat for RPG fans and is an exclusive for Nintendo Switch owners.

Top 12 Nintendo Switch Games Fall 2017 - Article - Xenoblade Chronicles 2


The classic board game, Monopoly, is hitting the Switch this fall, and while a port of a board game would not usually require much fanfare – this one is a worthy exception. The fact that we can bring board games back to the kitchen table by using the Switch screen as a Monopoly board is just too sweet a concept to pass up on! Here’s hoping more classic board games make the jump to the Switch!

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