Top 10 Most Stunning Female Video Game Characters We Absolutely Love

Top 10 Female Video Game Characters

When it comes to us video game geeks of the male persuasion (and a few ladies too) we love to be titillated, or at least it seems that way. How many games have we all played throughout the years where we end up grinning like Cheshire cats when some character with gratuitous curves walks across the screen? You love it! We all love it. Otherwise, why would we see so many gorgeous looking virtual vixens in so many games? It’s not a new phenomenon either. It’s been going on since the first pixel hit a monitor. Let’s face it, sex sells. It may not be the first thing you are looking for in a game but it certainly isn’t the last. I mean you do you really play ‘Dead or Alive’ games for the fighting? In honor of some of those fantastic looking ladies of video games we love, we decided to compile a little list of some of our personal favs. Enjoy everyone!

2B From “Nier: Automata”

NieR: Automata Hero

NieR: Automata is one of the best-reviewed games of 2017. So it’s no surprise the game has produced some amazing cosplay. In fact, we have showcased a couple of crazy good NSFW NieR cosplay in the last year that you absolutely have to check out. While 2B is an all-purpose battle android, she’s incredibly sexy. She is a true badass and the perfect sexy character to kick-off our top 10 list. 

Juliet Starling from “Lollipop Chainsaw”

Nothing says sexy like a chainsaw-wielding psycho skipping in a cheerleading outfit. To say that this game did not hold back in the sex, blood and gore department would be an understatement. Oh, Suda 51 you dirty perv you. Lollipop Chainsaw was littered with upskirt shots and camera angles that left little to the imagination. Jessica Nigri has almost become a household name because of her cosplay portrayal of Juliet. You just have to google her and trust me you won’t be disappointed. She’s crazy hawt! Juliet Starling is one hell of a zombie killing vixen. Did I mention she likes to suck lollipops?  Oh, Suda…..

Cindy Aurum From “Final Fantasy XV”

Final Fantasy XV pic 2

While Cindy Aurum isn’t a major character in Final Fantasy XV, there is no question she is one of the most memorable and just like 2B, she has spawned many spicy cosplays. Final Fantasy always manages to give us some hot babes and Final Fantasy XV is no exception. Cindey is gorgeous and her character design is simply spectacular.

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