Top 2021 Video Games You Should Have Played but (Probably) Didn’t

2021 Video Games You Might Have Missed

With games like Halo: Infinite, Ratchet, and Clank: A Rift Apart, Metroid Dread, and other major releases being the highlights of the year, many great 2021 video games may have been missed and slipped under your radar. While getting nice and cozy this holiday, consider dabbling in some of these great games you might have missed.

10. Cyber Shadow

Ninjas, mechs, mythical beasts, what more could you ask for? Back in January, Yacht Club Games (developer of Shovel Knight) published Cyber Shadow. This retro-styled side-scroller was wholly developed by Mechanical Head’s single employee Aarne Hunziker, and composed by a third party.

The game features some heavy Ninja Gaiden influences, along with a few Metroidvania map mechanics. Between the challenging combat and a killer aesthetic, Cyber Shadow gives players ten action-packed hours of retro fun.

Cyber Shadow

9. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Despite being overshadowed by the release of Monster Hunter Rise earlier in the year, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings still found its success. The “Stories” spin-off series features drastically different gameplay, and chibi art-styles. Originally published on the 3DS, the newest entry in the Stories series is right at home on the Switch.

Despite deviating from the mainline series, “Stories” offers compelling turn-based combat and engaging systems. The simplification of the Monster Hunter formula allows players to enjoy the core mechanics with less stress. If you’re interested in a more casual Monster Hunter experience, or just want a solid hand-held RPG, get yourself this game for Christmas.

8. The House in Fata Morgana – Dreams of Revenants Edition

Technically released in 2012, this title finally made its way to the Switch this year. Fata Morgana is a whirlwind of a visual novel that treats players to the story of a time-skipping ghost. Without giving too much away, our spectral protagonist slowly unravels a mystery surrounding an ancient mansion and a white-haired girl who seems to follow it through time.

This twist and turns this VN takes will draw players into its world. The story’s main themes of heartbreak and loss provide a pathos that many games fail to reach. Although some players may need to take notes to keep track of the variety of characters, any gamer who wants a handheld VN treat for those cold winter nights needs to pick up The House in Fata Morgana – Dreams of Revenants Edition.

7. Returnal

Even though Returnal made critical waves upon release, the Sony exclusive has still slipped past many gamers’ catalogs. With intense combat and a bone-chilling atmosphere, Returnal has no qualms about punishing players for their mistakes. Although many players may become frustrated with its roguelike qualities, the rewarding combat keeps gamers coming back for more.

6. Outriders

Calling this game a lovechild between Destiny and Gears of War may be half-accurate, but it does not do it justice. People Can Fly’s Outriders provides players with tight gunplay and ample mission variety. With updates rolled out since launch, many players who dropped Outriders early may want to dive back in and experience the game in its current state.


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