Top 10 Game Changing Hearthstone Cards

3 – Muster for Battle

Before this card, Paladin was just about the worst class to play. Getting enough silver hand recruits on the field to make any difference was difficult and would often just be ignored. After this card, along with knife Juggler or Quartermaster, every player panics when muster for battle enters the field, needing to frantically remove all recruits from the field. This card could have been higher if not for the next card that makes muster for battle even stronger.


2 – Mysterious Challenger

This battle cry is just ridiculous, putting all secrets from your deck along with a big 6/6 body. The secrets the paladin has are difficult to play around, guaranteeing to trigger unless you sit there and do nothing, which is never a good situation. It’s almost an “I win” card, giving the opposing player few options to react. All other classes have been put on notice about the power of Paladin.


1 – Entomb

Before this card, all types of priest specific removal cards cost way too much for their benefit. Not only that, 4 attack and ‘sticky’ minions wrecked priests hard, forcing you to almost call GG when a piloted shredder, azure drake, or Savannah Highmane hit the field. However, for the reasonable 6 mana cost, this card is better than Mind Control and Holy Fire combined. This is definitely not the best card in Hearthstone, not even the best card on this list. But as far as changing how a class is played it’s the biggest game changer of them all. As a priest player myself, I can finally bring the class to ranked without having to concede every other game.