The Top 10 Nintendo E3 2017 Announcements

The Top 10 Announcements of Nintendo at E3 2017

If there is one thing we can agree on, Nintendo knows how to cram the very best into a small package. With an expected run time of a mere 25 minutes – well under half the time of other conferences this year – Nintendo still managed to blow us away with big announcements, one after the other. Granted once the event ended, Nintendo continued on throughout the day with a steady trickle of information here and there that, on the whole, elevated Nintendo’s presence at E3 this year to impressive levels. Here are the Top 10 Announcements from Nintendo at E3 2017:

Nintendo feature

10. Yoshi

Yoshi has always been an undeniable fan favorite: he’s cute, he’s funny, and his adventures are always interesting outings to the lesser known parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshi has had a pretty good run on his own in recent years, Nintendo often times using his games as a kooky and fun way to explore some creative new gameplay concept (Yoshi’s Wooly World comes to mind!)

This time out, Yoshi will be able to turn the tables and flip the stage, as there is more going on behind the scenes than you might think. The stage itself can be reversed, allowing players to find coins, enemies, and all manner of surprises on the other side. While few details are out, the trailer seems to show multiplayer function. Nintendo did mention that the as of yet simply titled “Yoshi” was created with the Unreal Engine 4 but otherwise we  have to be happy with what we have seen and wait for more.

9. Kirby

Much like Yoshi, Kirby has always been a delightful platformer with which Nintendo can experiment with new mechanics and concepts without seeming too farfetched given its source. This time around, Kirby seems to be exploring Dreamland with the help of three friends.

The trailer clearly shows Kirby able to switch between the abilities his allies carry, as well as working in tandem to solve several puzzles. Multiplayer definitely needs to be a feature here in a similar vein to the New Super Mario Bros. series. Whether or not there will be a varying cast of characters to aid Kirby is yet to be seen but it’s hard to imagine the game would be so restrictive considering everything Kirby has done in the past. Maybe Amiibo’s could lend for some guest appearances?

8. Amiibo’s Galore

Amiibo have become a feverish collectable to some Nintendo fans, so hopefully their eyes will light up when they hear the exhausting number of new Amiibo announced at E3 this year. Breath of the Wild already has five series specific Amiibo, but with the upcoming DLC packs for the game, four more have been added to that roster: one for each of the Champions of Hyrule.

Zelda Amiibo

Following the announcements of Samus Aran’s impending return, Nintendo then showcased two new Metroid Amiibo that both look absolutely amazing: one of Samus in a combat pose and another of a Metroid breaking free from a containment pod.

Metroid Amiibo

Then, with Super Mario Odyssey giving us a greater glimpse into just what is in store for us, Nintendo announced five more Amiibo which tie into the game including a koopa, goomba, Mario, Peach, and Bowser – the last three all dressed in white as seen in the trailer!

Mario Amiibo

By now it’s hard to imagine there is any more room for new Amiibo, but lo and behold, with the reveal of Fire Emblem Warriors, two new Fire Emblem Amiibo are joining the already extensive roster of FE Toys to Life. At this point, who knows if even more will be revealed before the day is over!

Fire Emblem Amiibo