The Three Best and Worst Video Games From June 2021

The Worst

Snake Man’s Adventure

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Snake Man’s Adventure is a platforming adventure title with “Metroidvania” elements which sounds great on paper, but not so much in execution. In the end, floaty controls, a lack of guidance, and a lack of variation in environments marr the game. In our review, we found that “as Snake Man stands or slithers, it is too difficult for young players and too simple narratively for older ones.”


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Pecaminosa is a pixel noir game with RPG elements, self-proclaimed to be The Legend of Zelda combined with Touch of Evil. Obviously, that is a lofty comparison and one that wouldn’t be met. In our review, we concluded that “Pecaminosa misses the mark more than it hits for my money.”

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

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DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power has the distinct advantage of a strong IP to utilize characters and stories from, but the game ultimately fails to leverage these aspects in creating a great game. While we still found the game to have its bright spots, it is ultimately held back by a limited playable roster, simple gameplay, and a slow upgrade system.

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