The Three Best (and Worst) Games of June 2020

The Worst

The Outer Worlds (Switch)

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While The Outer Worlds impressed us with its initial release, it failed to do so with its Nintendo Switch release, ending up on our list mostly due to its disappointing port. Though it is very common for Switch port requests to pour in to developers, a port is not always the answer if the quality doesn’t come close to its original form. In our review, we noted that “The Outer Worlds on the Switch looks bad [and] plays bad.”

Summer in Mara

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Summer in Mara had the potential to be a highly interesting game. With its colorful aesthetic and unique premise – exploring, crafting, and farming across various islands in an open ocean – we thought Summer in Mara showed promise. Unfortunately, the game’s core designs were lacking, which ultimately led to its downfall. In our review, we noted that “crafting is clunky, the UI of where to go for quests is ambiguous at best, and it all leaves you feeling bummed out.”


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While Disintegration appeared to have a solid foundation, the game does not hold up and ultimately ends up among the worst of the month. Though the game is action-packed, the overall ideas and execution were relatively shallow. In our review, we concluded that “Unfortunately, it’s missing the most important thing in video games—fun.”

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