Top 13 Amazing PlayStation 4 Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

9. Dualshock Controller Charging Station/Port

Here’s another accessory you don’t know you need until you have it. The PS4 controllers do a lot. They’re expertly reactive, they have a beautiful light (that will sometimes switch colours depending on what you’re doing), and much more. I’ve also noticed them to die quite quickly (especially during long gaming sessions). Enter the Power A Dualshock 4 Dual Charger. With a sleek design, two charging stations, and a very low price tag ($22.99) it makes the perfect accessory.

PS4 controller charging port

8. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

If you’re unsure what kind of games your loved one plays, the Call of Duty franchise is usually a safe bet. Like most Nintendo I.P.s the CoD formula hasn’t changed much over the years. The campaign of these games really acts as more of a “tutorial” for the real game to come. The popularity of CoD is its online functionality. Almost every gamer has sunk a few hours into the online battleground of CoD. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare continues with the focus on online play. The popular Zombie mode returns as well as a few other entertaining modes. Even if your PS4 gamer has never played a CoD game, I can bet they’ll at least have fun with the latest entry into the franchise.

7. 2017 in Sports

If there’s a sport, there’s usually a game to let you play that sport without actually going outside. 2017 boasts titles in the world’s most popular sports such as Madden NFL 17, NHL 17, and FIFA 17. On average, these games provide immersive experiences for any and all sports fans. These games allow the player a variety of options to let them feel like they’re really a professional in the industry. Games like FIFA 17 allow the player to create an athlete based on themselves and take them into the pro circuit while games like Madden and NHL allow the player to take the role of the team manager and make all the calls they usually can only make in Fantasy affairs. With graphics that can sometimes make people wonder if you’re playing a game or watching it live, these games are a must-have for any fan of the sport. If you know someone who’s always talking about how well they could run a team if given the chance than let them put their skills where the mouth is with one of these titles.

NHL 17 Simulation

6. Overwatch

Overwatch is currently sweeping the world. With over 15 million players worldwide (and growing) the community is flourishing. Despite having just released in May, Overwatch has gone through some fairly large changes and updates. A new character has been released (with more announced to come soon), a new map, new game modes, and much more. Even if the First-Person shooter genre isn’t typically you’re loved one’s cup of tea, I would definitely recommend surprising them with Overwatch. With an ever-growing community and game mechanics that can change almost monthly, Overwatch is a fresh entry into the FPS genre and a game that will keep even the most hardcore gamers interested for years to come.

Overwatch Screen

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