The Scariest Video Games of All Time, Proceed With Caution

COGconnected’s Big List of Scary Games

Halloween isn’t complete without scary costumes, scarier movies, and even scarier games. We love to push our limits of fear at this time of year with haunted houses and horror movie marathons. If you’re looking to get your spook on in front of a TV screen this year we’ve come up with 13 (DUN DUN DUHHHHH) of the scariest games out there for you to start with. Not for the faint of heart, these games will force a few of you to cry yourself to sleep. I bet a few of you will even turn off the TV in the middle of the game screaming ‘Fuck this shit, I’m going home!’

13 – Lone Survivor – Superflat Games

In my haste to look at more renowned titles, I almost forgot about Lone Survivor. While I was never screaming or terrified, LS was incredibly eerie in its own way. Would you really feel OK if you thought you were the last person alive? How long would you keep on keeping on in a world devoid of human interaction and full of monsters? It just goes to show that it takes a lot more than 2K textures and a 3D environment to scare us.

12 – Bioshock – 2K

The first Bioshock, while not a constant source of terror, and certainly not what one would consider a typical horror game still has some truly haunting moments. Splicers are scary because, at the end of the day, they’re basically just lunatics with weapons. This combined with the eerie underwater atmosphere and a failing city bring a real sense of dread to the player as you stalk Rapture’s halls. From the first time you take the bathysphere down to the city to the encounter with Dr. Steinman, this game will keep you on your toes. Would you kindly replay this masterpiece in the dark, during the wee hours of the morning?

11 – The Evil Within – Tango Gameworks

Though still a bit heavy on the action side at times, making the enemies so difficult to kill really makes you choose flight more often than fight. Definitely not worthy of being at the top of the list, The Evil Within is still a solid contender with gruesome enemies in a classic yet well-done setting. While The Evil Within 2 as recently been released and is a good game, nothing quite compares to that feeling you get playing the original. It’s terrifying!