Powerwash Simulator: Back to the Future DLC is the Best Use of Your Time

Powerwash Simulator: Back to the Future DLC

Since I first started cleaning up the neighborhood when Powerwash Simulator launched, I have found myself infinitely entertained. It’s a game that provides endless moments of zen and relaxation, capped with brightly colored charm. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, as evident by the various DLC expansion packs they have put out. Back to the Future seems like a choice out of left field. Its undeniable charm translates surprisingly well into Powerwash Simulator – even better than the expansions that came before.

The Back to the Future expansion offers five new levels for players to clean; Doc Brown’s Van, The Delorean, the Hill Valley Clocktower, the Holomax Theater, and Doc’s Time Train. The Van is a great first level. It’s recognizable and set in the parking lot outside of the iconic mall. Cleaning Doc’s Van is like a tantalizing tease of what’s to come for fans of Back to the Future. It isn’t an especially unique level, but it hooks you into playing more.

The Delorean is almost the stand-out stage in this pack. Much like the invisible boat from the SpongeBob DLC, The Delorean is the most fun for its interactive feature. All of those exposed wires and technical bits in the back take only a tiny blast of water to clean. That endorphin-ringing ping of a job well done sings out into the night sky with dozens of pings as you blast clean the iconic time machine. It’s a simple stage to clear, but the best part is when you are finished. The Delorean revs up and screeches down the tarmac, turning back towards you and ripping its way up to 88 mph before disappearing. It’s not only a rewarding finish, but one of the few times a stage/vehicle actually does something other than looking sparkly and neat.

A DLC Of Delightful Departure 

My absolute favorite stage to date – across all of the DLCs – is the Hill Valley Clocktower. It’s large, expansive, and has multiple heights. Players find themselves right up next to the clock, complete with burn marks from lightning blasts and the Doc’s footprints in the dirt. Cleaning the inside workings of the clock and the bell might seem tedious but I found it very relaxing. It was easily one of the longer stages I’ve played but it was so much more enjoyable.

Similarly sized was the Holomax Theater. It’s a straightforward and enjoyable stage, however a few of the final pieces I needed to clean simply weren’t pinging. The indicator showed no dirt left. Normally the game is forgiving – the larger the object, the less precise you need to be with all of the dirt – but this time it was as if some of the dirt was clipping into unreachable crevices. Constant blasting for far too long eventually let me complete the level. It’s a beautiful design, but it just didn’t seem to captivate so much.

And finally, the Doc’s Train. It too is a fairly large stage with a lot of unique parts to polish up. I still didn’t find it quite as memorable as the Clocktower or Delorean. Curiously, upon completing the train, it also had a fun animation of taking off… however, one final part was left at 99% complete, so the stage never actually finished and I was left stranded there on the tracks.

Nostalgic and Unique Level Design

Overall, Back to the Future is one of the most enjoyable additions to Powerwash Simulator so far. Each stage is nostalgic, brightly colored, and great fun to explore. I appreciate the added touches of the train and Delorean moving in the environment when completed, and I hope to see more interactions like that in the future. Similar to the SpongeBob DLC, I found that the auto-complete ping is a fair bit more forgiving than in the base game. I remember struggling with vehicle wheels and undercarriage much more in the base game as there would be just a few tiny specs of dirt left which I couldn’t quite get the proper angle on. That sort of thing just doesn’t happen anymore, and for that I am grateful.

Powerwash Simulator: Back to the Future is easily the most enjoyable DLC so far for me. Each stage was a lot of fun, and it shows that the folks at FuturLab know how to make the most out of their experience. Back to the Future really set a new bar for Powerwash Simulator, and I can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future. For more information on the Back to the Future DLC for Powerwash Simulator, check out the official link here.