Smite 2: Five Gods We Want to See

A Brand New Battleground

With the recent announcement from Hi-Rez studios confirming the sequel to their hit MOBA Smite, talk of new characters has already sprung up. Of course, the studio has confirmed the first Smite 2 exclusive god, Hecate. Yet, there are a lot of deities in the mythologies of the world. In fact, the original Smite currently has 130 playable gods. That’s a whole lot of powerful heroes, gods, and monsters to play as. However, the visual and gameplay updates promised in the sequel open up a world of new characters to explore and do battle with.

Smite 2

Of course, we here at COGconnected have our own ideas of who could make a godly appearance in Smite 2. So, let’s enter the new battleground of the gods and discuss 5 gods, heroes, or monsters that we hope to see arrive after Hecate in Smite 2. We will cover the god, their pantheon, what class they would fit best into and maybe some possible abilities they could have. Gods and Goddesses await.  

1. Baldr 

The Norse pantheon is one of the most iconic in Smite. Gods like Thor have been making a name at this year’s SWC, and the assassin archetype is nothing without its resident backstabbing, Loki. However, there is room for more tanks in the pantheon. Specifically, a new guardian is due for the Norse Gods. In this instance, Baldr the god of courage, light, and wisdom could not be a better fit for the role. 

Smite 2 Gods

For those unfamiliar with the game, guardians are the protective role. Additionally, they function as the main support class of Smite. There really couldn’t be a better embodiment of the role than Baldr. His main attributes fit perfectly with the role of the class and open up many avenues for abilities. It would make sense for his abilities to focus on bolstering his allies and cleansing them of enemy crowd control or damage over time. Furthermore, it is known that Baldr’s death heralds in the start of Ragnarock. Yet, perhaps this lore could become his passive ability granting allies a buff upon his sacrifice.

Overall, Baldr is the perfect example of a guardian character. He would fit great alongside the other characters in the pantheon. In fact, he would have a great deal of chemistry with Thor, Odin, Freya, and Loki his murderer.

2. Takemikazuchi

The Japanese pantheon could really use another warrior. Having recently invited Bake Kujira to the battleground in the guardian role, another frontline couldn’t hurt. Of course, there could be no better fit for the warrior role than Takemikazuchi, the Japnese god of Thunder and Swords. Separate from both Raijin and Amaterasu, the God of Thunder and the Goddess of the Sun respectively, Takemikazuchi can bring a more aggressive warrior archetype to the game. Where Amaterasu brings the grace of a warrior to the battleground, Takemikazuchi could channel the fury. 

Smite 2 Gods

Interestingly, his sumo and sword background could fit perfectly into a warrior kit. His abilities could focus on single-target crowd control and auto attacks. Importantly, his thunderous aspects could be incorporated. Perhaps, an ability that adds shocking attacks to his sword could provide a way to combo crowd-control and auto hits in that solo lane situation where a player wants to out pressure their opponent. Additionally, the ultimate ability could remove a single enemy from the fight and put them in a 1v1 situation, channeling that sumo style combat he is known for within his mythology as the first sumo.

Importantly, Takemikazuchi could bring a whole new kind of warrior to Smite 2.

3. Mordred 

Despite not being deities the Arthurian pantheon has been full of some powerful and fun characters. Morgan Le Fey, Lancelot, and the namesake, King Arthur have all fit perfectly into Smite’s roster of gods. So, why not add another notable character from the mythology, the villainous Mordred. Keeping his own unique image, Mordred could be separated from the warrior king by falling into the assassin class. Of course, Lancelot does fit the assassin role currently on the pantheon. However, Mordred’s skulking, villainous, personality, maybe fits the assassin role even better than the heroic image of Lancelot. 

Smite 2 Gods

Mordred’s knight background could still fit the assassin role. With sword in hand, the character could function similarly to King Arthur’s abilities, where everything is instant casting by default and focusing on combo attacks. Mordred however, could focus more on single-target damage, using his combos to lock down, damage, and execute an enemy quickly. Importantly, his traitorous personality could be reflected in abilities that revolve around darkness. Perhaps, hiding in plain sight. His ultimate could be an execute drawing on the lore of him slaying the legendary King. 

Mordred would make an excellent assassin on the Arthurian roster and bring an exciting addition to Smite 2.

4. Hastur (The King in Yellow) 

The Great Old Ones pantheon is, currently, the least populated pantheon. Of course, Cthulhu was a mixed arrival to the game. However, Hastur would make a great addition to the pantheon as a mage. The King in Yellow would bring a whole new method to the madness of the Old Ones. His abilities could focus on swarms of tentacles, dealing damage with mind bending explosions, and locking down enemies with tentacles. Of course, this eldritch being would also have a madness mechanic like Cthulhu’s. Yet, Hastur’s could provide him with some sort of fog or flickering vision, making enemies question his exact positioning.


Interestingly, based on size alone, Hastur would fit the mage role better than his large ocean dwelling half-brother.  Additionally his character model would be an interesting addition to the battleground of the gods. Having this dreaded Old One in Smite 2 would not only give this unpopulated pantheon some love, but add some interesting visual effects to the game with madness and tentacles.

5. Akògún

Another pantheon that could use some more love is the Yoruba deities. Alongside the magical likes of Olorun and Yemoja, Akògún the hunter would make a great… well, hunter. The straw wearing hunter, could focus on ambush tactics, stalking enemies through the new stealth mechanics coming to Smite 2. 

Smite 2 Gods

Importantly, Smite does not have a true stealth hunter. Izanami and Martichorus have stealth mechanics, but their kits aren’t really designed around stealth. Akògún’s introduction to the game could allow players to genuinely play stealthy from range.