Outriders’ Trickster Class: Simple Builds for the Temporal Assassin

Building Your Badass: Simple Builds for Outriders’ Trickster Class

Outriders is built with extensive customization in mind. With each of the four classes able to slot numerous mods (up to 16 with a full set of epic gear!) and equip up to three special abilities at a time, you’ll no doubt find that sweet-spot to match your play style. Each class might be geared towards a particular role, but that doesn’t mean they can’t switch it up from long range support to close range destroyer. Here are some simple builds we’ve put together for each class using a combination of their skills and just a few of our favorite mods we know about.

The Trickster is going to perfectly fill that classic role of the rogue/assassin in a typical RPG, but that doesn’t mean it has to be limited to getting up close and stabbing enemies in the face. Here are three unique and basic builds to help you explore what the Trickster can do:

Enoch Infantry

Outriders Trickster


  • Venator’s Knife
  • Twisted Rounds
  • Slow Trap


  • Additional Mag
  • Anomaly Cut
  • Delivery On Time

Why This Works:

This build keeps you at a moderate distance while allowing for extremely high damage output. Venator’s Knife will generate an anomaly shard that highlights and targets multiple enemies, making them easier to spot. The Anomaly Cut mod makes it so all enemies marked will receive additional damage when shot, and when the ability ends, the shard will deal additional damage to the target. The range the shards can travel is incredible and it can’t be dodged, so if you are even in doubt of someone hiding around the corner just fire this one off and see where it goes.

Then we add Twisted Rounds, making every bullet in the chamber deal a massive increase of damage to targets. Using this with an assault rifle guarantees plenty of high imact shots, and the Additional Mag mod lets you use two full mags of anomaly charged ammo for the cost of one Stacking that with Anomaly Cut means you’re bullets might as well be 50. cal rounds.

Finally, Slow Trap is a highly effective defensive skill that ensures any bullets or baddies who manage to get through your assault will give you the extra time swap out for a trusty shotgun and lay waste to them. Delivery On Time is a special mod for the Slow Trap which will replenish ammo for you and your allies in range so you don’t have to worry about holding in that trigger. The real question is whether or not that will work with Twisted Rounds and the Additional Mag mod…

Temporal Ronin

Outriders Trickster


  • Temporal Slice
  • Cyclone Slice
  • Time Rift


  • Time Crack
  • Cut Loose
  • Shield Evoker

Why This Works:

Trickster heals and gains shields from being up close and personal, so your best option is to maximize your damage output while staring directly into the enemies eyes. Temporal Slice is of course the staple ability of a good Trickster. The anomaly blade you generate has a wide arc, serious damage, and makes enemies explode! What could make it better? Doing it faster. The Cut Loose mod will reduce the cooldown on it so you can keep slashing to your heart’s content.

What about an epic combo of powers? Time Rift sees all your enemies in a line float helplessly up into the air, making them easy pickings. Add the Time Crack mod to it and those who are floated have their armor and resistance reduced by 25%. Imagine being able to summon a temporal blade at will and all those enemies just have to float there, helplessly… So what do you do now that they are panicking before you? Activate the Cyclone Slice.

You’ll spin like a top and move gracefully down the line as each of your targets is eviscerated before your eyes with practiced ease. The Shield Evoker mod will even give you bonus shields for each kill you achieve while using the Cyclone Slice; it’s a surefire way to keep you healthy and give a generous helping of blood and guts to the plant life below.

Master Assassin

Outriders Trickster


  • Hunt the Prey
  • Borrowed Time
  • Temporal Slice


  • Weaklings
  • Time Space
  • Dance of Death

Why it Works:

The Trickster is purpose built for rogue tactics: get in and get out. First and foremost, Temporal Slice really IS the staple skill for this class. It has a great range, huge damage output, and it will hit an incredible number of targets if lined up right. Slapping the Weakness mod on this one will inflict Weakness on any enemy who manages to survive the power of the blade – which doesn’t happen that often.

Ready to run into the fray and cause some mayhem? Borrowed Time lets you leave a time clone of yourself in a safe place and gives you a huge boost to shields, letting you run in, scout ahead, stir up the nest, and safely teleport back to your starting point. So what happens when you add the Time Space mod? Activating the skill not only boosts your shields but gives you a gigantic buff to your armor and an additional 30% resistance. You’ve definitely got a lot of time to scout ahead!

And of course, finally, my favorite ability as the Trickster: Hunt the Prey. See that sniper camped out of reach? Why not blink behind him, automatically inflicting slow, and then blast his head off his shoulders with a high power weapon? Hunt the Prey has an incredible range and allows you to instantly teleport behind an enemy, setting you up for the killing blow. Adding Dance of Death to the mix drastically reduces the cooldown of the skill, meaning you can gleefully hop from target to target without a care in the world. It is hands down the best part about being a Trickster because the battlefield becomes your playground.

Outriders trickster

Got any particular builds in mind for the Trickster? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and be sure to check out our other simple builds for the Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer. Outriders will drop on April 1 on all platforms with a free demo available on February 25. For more information check out the game’s official website.

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