Outriders’ Spotlight: Everything We Know About the Technomancer Class

Everything we Know About the Technomancer

The fourth and final class in Square Enix and People Can Fly’s upcoming looter shooter RPG, Outriders, was revealed during the previous broadcast, and only now do we get to take a deep dive into what the Technomancer has to offer. As a game built fundamentally around classic RPG archetypes, the Technomancer fills an interesting role as a Necromancer and Alchemist. Able to not only summon a variety of ordinances, this class is also the only one able to heal its allies through an innate ability as well as cheat death. It also happens to be the most versatile class of the four, able to fill any role the team needs. How, you ask? Let’s jump in and take a closer look at this mysterious fourth class and breakdown everything we know about the Technomancer.

Outriders Technomancer

The Basics

The Technomancer is by far the most interesting of the four classes for its unique combination of archetypes and skills. At its core, the Technomancer is a long-range specialist with perks to enhance its sniping skills and damage output. While it does offer a number of perks specifically for this build, it is also arguably the most versatile class given its variety of powers and abilities. The Technomancer’s main feature is its ability to conjure up weapons and gadgets made from scraps discarded across the war-torn battlefields including missile turrets, rocket launchers, mini guns, and more. The Technomancer also specializes in the Freeze and Decay status effect which both immobilizes and weaken the enemy respectively. Unique to the Technomancer and perhaps best suited to its ability to fill any role, this specialist restores health every time it deals damage to an enemy. For a class focused on ordinance, it’s going to be hard to keep this one down.

Anomalous Abilities

The anomaly granted the survivors incredible god-like powers, and the Technomancer has proven to be the most adaptable specialist of all four classes. The broadcast went into detail on four of the classes unique abilities you’ll be able to use while exploring Enoch, however, we have gone hands-on with the Technomancer before and have the details on all eight abilities for you listed below:

1. Scrapnel – The only class to gain some form of throwable explosive device, the Scrapnel is an anti-personnel explosive that can be dropped as a proximity device. When enemies approach, the Scrapnel pops out of the ground and bursts into hundreds of pieces to damage all targets in the immediate vicinity.

2. Cryo Turret – Have some nasty enemies barreling down on you? The cryo turret is your trusty companion. Dropped right next to the player, the turret will shoot freezing bullets at enemies to slow them down and give you more time for you or your allies to pick them off. The turret has a small pool of health but will last long enough to help you out of a tight spot.

3. Pain Launcher – What is sure to be the most commonly seen ability in the game, the Pain Launcher summons a devastating volley of highly explosive missiles to rain down fire on your enemies in a straight line. Like the cryo turret, this drops next to the player and fires automatically in a beautiful sea of flames.

outriders technomancer

4. Fixing Wave – The single ability to heal allies within Outriders, Fixing Wave will not only restore a portion of HP to your teammates but can also be used to automatically repair any active turrets you’ve dropped in the heat of combat.

5. Blighted Rounds – Fill your current weapons mag with decay-infused bullets that inflict toxic on a target. Enemies within a small radius of the main target also receive Toxic and a percentage of damage. This skill lasts until you reload or switch weapons, so it’s particularly effective when your gun has a nice big drum of bullets.

6. Tool of Destruction – One of the game’s most unique abilities, Tool of Destruction lets you decide which kind of carnage you are in the mood for. Pressing the button to activate the skill will conjure up a rocket launcher, while holding it will instead create a mini-gun to level the playing field – and your targets.

outriders technomancer

7. Cold Snap – A gadget to be used both offensively and defensively, Cold Snap sees the player drop the device at their feet and instantly freeze all targets within a wide radius. This immobilizes enemies and leaves them easy picking for you or your allies. It can be used to thin the herd or slow down an onslaught of melee enemies, as well as giving your allies some precious seconds to catch their breath.

8. Blighted Turret – An excellent support skill – particularly for those who like to play it solo – the blighted turret is a sort of putrid flamethrower that inflicts toxic on your enemies in wide sweeps. It distracts enemies, giving you a chance to pick them off from a distance, and has an incredibly quick cooldown, meaning its nearly ready to deploy just as soon as it is depleted.

outriders technomancer


Altering Your Technomancer

Rather than offer specific builds or sub-classes as seen in other games, Outriders gives each class the “Class Tree” in which you’ll be able to drop points down three lines to fully customize your playstyle. The lines themselves are distinct in what you will find, but you are not limited to only using one. In fact, all class points can be re-speced to better suit your style. What do these three paths for the Technomancer look like?

1. Pestilence: Down this path you’ll find the strength of your Decay skills as well as sniper rifles and assault rifles enhanced, increasing your damage output to whatever happens to be in your hand.

2. Tech Shaman: This one is best suited for those who love being a support. Not only does it augment and buff your indirect damage skills such as freezing and turrets, but it also enhances your healing skills and abilities, as well as granting you the ability to cheat death and automatically return from the grave during combat.

3. Demolisher: Perfect for the lone wolf player, this branch augments your gadgets and skills to provide extra buffs and bonuses each time you use them, making you much stronger and enhancing your Toxic damage output.

outriders technomancer

Much like its brethren, the Technomancer class has over 70 perks to be unlocked on their tech tree, however, you will not be able to unlock all of them at once. Respecting on this tree is free and can be done at any time. Given that you gain 1 point per level and the level cap is current set at 30 (although some story elements could grant additional perk points down the road) it’s safe to say you can unlock just under half of the tree at any given time. What kind of perks does the Technomancer offer? Given that this appears to be one of the most popular classes, we decided to go beyond our usual list of 10 and instead bring you 20 to help you get started.

Gadgeteer – Reduce gadget skills cooldown by 15%
Overclocked – Activating gadget skills increases your anomaly power and weapon damage by 40% for 10 seconds. For 10 seconds upon losing all health you will receive a second chance to return to the battlefield with 50% health. The effect may occur once every 180 seconds.
Senior Engineer – Increase turret skills health by 100%
Exposing Frost – Every time Freeze is applied on an enemy, Vulnerable stat is applied as well.
Blurscreen – Your health regen is increased up to 20% of maximum health when you receive no damage.
Wipe Out – Enemies below 30% health receive 20% more damage.
Marked for Execution – Vulnerable applied on an enemy is 40% more effective.
Medical Unit – Using a gadget skill increases all healing received by you and your allies by 30% for 7 seconds.
Winter’s Barrier – After using your class melee skill, increase damage mitigation by 40% for 3 seconds.
Exposing Toxin – Every time toxic is applied on an enemy, Vulnerable status is applied as well.
Sower of Decay – Reduce decay skills cooldown by 15%
Sniper Master – Increase your sniper weapon damage by 20%, sniper weapons drop 12% more often
Toxicologist – Toxic applied on enemies lasts 30% longer.
Nitrogen Capsules – Decrease the distance considered to be long range by 6.5 meters
Ordinance Technician – Reduce ordinance skills cooldown by 15%
Brain Freeze – Your class melee skill also applies Toxic on every enemy hit.
Sidearm Adept – Increase your pistol and revolver damage by 12%
Welcome Shot – The first shot after reload deals damage with Firepower increased by 15% of your Anomaly Power
Fracture – Enemies afflicted with Freeze receive 10% more damage
Heavy Absorption – Activating Ordinance skills increases Skill Leech by 15% for 7 seconds.

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