Holiday Gift Guide 2020: The Best Video Game Accessories

Ten Accessories to Level up Your Gaming Experience This Fall

Fall is a time for cool weather, warm sweaters, crunchy leaves and pretty colors. For gamers, it’s all this and more. It’s a warm seasonal drink with a controller (or mouse) in hand, wrapped in a snuggly and warm blanket with nowhere to be except the adventure you’re gearing up for. No pun intended. And while this time of year is all about being cozy, it’s also a time about making your entire gaming experience even more magical. What better way to do that than by scooping up some of the very best accessories on the market right now for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and VR? So without further ado, here’s our fall gear guide with 10 fantastic video game accessories that are sure to put a smile on your face all season long.

sony vs microsoft vs nintendo

ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate headset to improve your gaming experience on your PC then the ROCCAT Elo 7.1 Air Wireless headset is it. It packs a pretty serious punch with 50mm 7.1 surround sound drivers, Superhuman Hearing technology and an entire customization suite courtesy of ROCCAT’s Swarm software. And it’s not all about the sound either. Despite the fact that the headset itself is entirely black, this headset looks amazing thanks to the AIMO lighting system that’s used to create your very own lighting aesthetic. Did I mention that it also touts an incredibly impressive 24 hour battery life and is extremely comfortable for anyone who wears glasses. Yeah, this is about to upgrade your sound game tenfold.

roccat elo 7.1 air

Riot/Onyx Gunnar Gaming Glasses

After a long gaming session have you found that your eyes are red, sore, or dry? Maybe a mix of all three? Until now you’ve probably thought that’s just par for the course. But what if I told you that this could be an inconvenience of the past? With these Gunnar gaming glasses you’ll not only be able to play for longer, but your eyes won’t feel the strain at all. These glasses are set to protect you from a whopping 65% of blue light coming from your screens all while saving your eyes from the strain and dryness you’ve come to think is normal. Good luck leaving the games behind now!

gunnar intercept onyx gaming glasses feature

Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad

If you’re trying to level up your keyboard setup we may just have found what you’ve been looking for, especially if you’re a gamer who likes to bounce between their console(s) and their PC. You won’t have to worry anymore about accidental misclicks or fumbling around for the right keys since this Razer Tartarus v2 gaming keypad comes fully equipped with an 8-way directional thumbpad that makes playing on PC feel a whole lot more natural. It’s comfortable, versatile (with 32 different keys for all the hotkeys you can imagine), and super customizable. Seriously, it’s a game changer.

Razer Tartarus v2 top

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