10 Nintendo Switch Games That Need to be Announced at E3 2017

Mother Trilogy

It took years of fans begging Nintendo to recognize the EarthBound series in North America for the quirky Super Nintendo RPG to get a 2013 port on Wii U. Since then, Nintendo has consistently teased the series, and even released a localized version of the first game in the series, Mother for the NES, as EarthBound Beginnings. There’s one glaring omission that hasn’t made its way to North America, though, and that’s the Game Boy Advance classic Mother 3. Rumors have swirled about the game possibly being localized due to fan demand for years now, and the most effective way for Nintendo to recoup localization costs would be to release all three titles as a full-priced collection.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions


Indie developers have proved that there’s still a market for futuristic racing games, as Fast RMX and Redout have been very successful. Despite this, there hasn’t been a high-budget racer in the same vein (although Sony is repacking WipEout Pure tracks for the third time). That gives Nintendo a big opportunity to satisfy a niche, and get fans of the genre to pick up a Nintendo Switch. They can do that by getting Captain Falcon out of retirement and creating a new F-Zero game. A more serious racer would go well with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s arcade silliness.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions