10 Nintendo Switch Games That Need to be Announced at E3 2017

Animal Crossing for Switch

A new Animal Crossing title is already confirmed to be in the works for mobile, although specifics are currently uncertain. I’d love for it to tie-in to a new Switch version of the game, thus allowing players to always have the pleasantry that is Animal Crossing in their pocket. The two games could interact in a number of ways, such as allowing the iOS app to take place in a separate area where players could find rare objects and fruit to bring back to the full game.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions

Pokémon Snap

It’s starting to look like Pokémon might take an unprecedented year off, but I very much doubt it. If the rumored Pokémon Stars doesn’t get announced at E3, I’d like to see Nintendo revive one of the most beloved spin-offs. I’m talking about Pokémon Snap, of course (apologies to all of the ride or die PokéPark fans out there), the awesome on-rails photography title that Nintendo put out on the N64. No other releases have fully imitated its gameplay, and it’s seemingly tailor-made for the Switch’s screenshot feature.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions


StarTropics Remake

The classic NES action-adventure title StarTropics is one of the few Nintendo titles to never get a Japanese release. It has become a cult classic in the 25+ years since then, and a remake would make a lot of sense. Not only would the revamped game please fans that have been asking for the series to be used, it could also be a way to gauge interest in an all-new sequel. It has the unique advantage of being nostalgia play to hardcore Nintendo fans, while also offering up a fresh gameplay experience to most Switch owners.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions