10 Nintendo Switch Games That Need to be Announced at E3 2017

Yo-Kai Watch Collection

Yo-Kai Watch has been a huge success for developer Level-5 in Japan, but it hasn’t caught on as much as Nintendo has hoped for worldwide. The franchise has Pokémon-type potential, and giving the game some new life on Nintendo Switch could do just that. The only issue is how the games would play on Switch, as players couldn’t use the touchscreen to rotate their various Yo-Kai in and out of battle. This could be solved by implementing something similar to Ryan Salamanda’s custom Joy-Con controller mock-up, that would allow players to physically spin a disc. Sure, it’s a gimmick (and the issue could be solved by just making it an on-screen overlay), but a gimmick might be what Yo-Kai Watch needs to finally become a huge game series in North America.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions


Deluxe Line of Wii U Remasters

There are two big takeaways from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s success: 1) It’s clear that a lot of Switch owners haven’t played the Wii U’s best games and 2) The die-hard Nintendo fans that already did will gladly buy an updated version. That’s exactly why Nintendo should turn the Deluxe branding into a brand of enhanced Wii U releases. Games such as Smash Bros., Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, and Super Mario 3D World can all be easily updated and are a great fit for portable play. All Nintendo has to do is add a few characters, puzzles, or other bonuses, and they can turn some disappointing Wii U sales into a successful product.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions

WarioWare Switched

A new WarioWare game feels like the perfect fit for either Nintendo Switch or iOS. A follow-up to the best game in the series, 2004’s WarioWare: Twisted!, would make a lot of sense due to the tilt controls that each system offers. A Switch title can do a lot more, though, and this microgame collection could conceivably be the best showcase for Nintendo’s HD Rumble technology. Either way, it’s time for Wario and his zany game creating friends to make their comeback.

Nintendo E3 2017 predictions