3 Amazing and 3 Straight Up Bad Moments From Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

The Worst

3) What happened to the Xbox One X?

Remember last year, when the Xbox One X was all the rage? One year later and the console was almost nonexistent in the entire Microsoft E3 press conference. Considering just how good the technology of the console is, this seems to be Microsoft biggest sell of the future, yet it was nowhere to be found. I would have loved if Microsoft came out, like last year, with some hard-hitting exclusive titles coming to the Xbox One X, driving home the raw power of the console. Instead, it seems Microsoft decided not to be so aggressive with their marketing scheme and has decided Xbox fans will either pick one up or not? This kind of gives off a very meh attitude towards the console this year around, which is very different than what we saw just last year at E3. And honestly, that’s just plain disappointing.

Xbox One X Hero Take 2

2) Halo Infinite Details A Little Meager

Fans have been waiting and waiting for details about the latest Halo game and though we all thought it would be titled Halo 6, Halo Infinite really doesn’t leave a whole lot to get excited about right now. Now I’m not saying it’s not sweet that we will be getting a brand new Halo next year, because it totally is and there’s no denying the reveal trailer looked awesome, however I just wish there was more to get excited about. Considering the announcement came as no surprise, it would’ve been nice for Microsoft to follow up the big reveal with some hard hitting gameplay information or a release date. After all this is the biggest stage of the entire year!

1) Lackluster Reveal of The Division 2

Up until now nothing concrete has been released or announced about a sequel of Tom Clancy’s The Division. During Microsoft’s 2018 E3 press conference they revealed The Division 2 officially, yet somehow it just seemed a little lacking. Maybe it’s the fact that it seems a little weird for Microsoft to be the one to reveal the sequel, and not Ubisoft, who takes the stage at E3 on Monday. Maybe it’s the fact that we didn’t get to see an amazing nitty gritty cinematic trailer. In all honesty, it’s both. Instead of revealing the game in a very feelsy way the team at Ubisoft played the demo in a rather cringy way. There’s no denying the game looks fantastic, however we should’ve just received an epic reveal trailer from Microsoft, and a deep-dive and a bunch of details from Ubisoft on Monday. Unfortunately it seems Microsoft may have overlooked this one and that’s really too bad.

What are your thoughts about the Microsoft presser at E3 this year? What were you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.