Marvel’s Avengers Videogame: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I Can Do This All Day

For better or for worse, Marvel’s Avengers is finally upon us. As reviews from critics and fans alike have been pouring in, one thing that’s become abundantly clear is Crystal Dynamics’ and Square Enix’s first foray into the Avengers universe is nothing but polarizing. It’s tough, though, to truly gauge what the investment in Marvel’s Avengers will ultimately reward the player with until we see the long term plans for the game. Its story certainly won’t be winning any rewards, so the majority of the experience is going to live and die by it’s Destiny-esque multiplayer. And only time will tell what that means.

Until then, here’s the good, bad, and the ugly of Marvel’s Avengers.

The Good

It’s Beautiful

You’d be a fool to not appreciate the care and attention put into not only the characters but the surprisingly detailed environments. These are easily the best looking representations of the Avengers we’ve ever seen. Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man all look fantastic. But its Hulk that steals the show. The way his muscles constrict as he roars is the type of detail that you just don’t see too often in games these days. And both sun and moonlight bounce off of surfaces to create some seriously stunning imagery. It’s gorgeous.

Hollywood-Style Direction

Say what you want about the Marvel movies, but you can’t deny they feature some of the most thrilling action ever seen in cinema. And it’s easy to see that this is Crystal Dynamics’ love letter to the Avengers films. The gameplay is spliced with cutscenes to mimic the massive set-pieces of the Hollywood blockbusters, but still leave some control in the player’s hands. While Marvel’s Avengers isn’t balls-to-the-walls from start to finish, the times that it does jack up the intensity are unforgettable. 


What would an Avengers game be without a few friends to yell “Avengers assemble!” at? In addition to the standard multiplayer affair in which you team up with a squad of your best mates, you’re also able to plow through most of the campaign in co-op. The way in which players can drop in and out seamlessly makes the process a breeze. And while some folks have reported matchmaking issues, I’ve yet to have any problems finding people to pair up with. There’s no other way to experience Marvel’s Avengers.

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