Marvel’s Avengers Videogame: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Bad

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is a terrible character. Her wide-eyed optimism is cute before the world goes to hell. But being forced to drag her along through mission after mission, as she gushes over how cool the Avengers are is embarrassing. And am I supposed to care about this little girl’s fan-fiction contest? But, aside from how unimportant she is, her powers are that of a poor man’s Mr. Fantastic. She stretches but has a fraction of the brainpower. Oh, and the special ability that makes her gigantic turns Kamala into nothing more than a bigger version of the Hulk. There’s a reason her power level in my game is still sitting at six.

Marvel's Avengers DLC

The Story

Remember when Square Enix was boasting about how this game would feature a totally original story? Sure, we’ve never seen this specific tale, but it’s still something we’ve witnessed a million times before. Everyone is happy, a bad thing happens, our heroes split up, and now we must bring them back together to stop Earth’s newest threat. Throw in a few cheesy jokes and an incredibly mundane main character, and you have the Marvel’s Avenger’s script. You know, it plays as if its a 12-year-old girl’s fan-fiction turned into a video game…

Mediocre Combat

Anybody that’s played Destiny will immediately see the striking resemblance that much of Marvel’s Avengers shares with it. And so it’s frustrating that a game that’s so willing to take from another didn’t draw inspiration from a more competent combat system. The vast majority of your movelist consists of two buttons, a light and heavy attack, which you’ll mash away at through each mission. And while strikes do land with a sense of weight behind them (adding to the fun), battles never offer the level of satisfaction that you get out of the Batman Arkham games or Spider-Man PS4.

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