Level Up Your Holidays: Best Gifts for PlayStation 5 Owners This Christmas

Top Treats for PlayStation 5 Owners

2023 could very well be the best year in the history of the industry. Not only have there been an array of groundbreaking games, but we’ve also seen the next generation of VR and new methods of remote play to give you more opportunities to engage with your favorite pastime. So as we draw closer to Christmas, I have compiled a complete list of top treats that PlayStation 5 owners would love this holiday season.

PlayStation VR 2

Let’s start big. This a premium virtual reality product that offers an unprecedented level of immersion. Improving on every single aspect of its predecessor, the PSVR2 is a powerhouse that harnesses the power of the PS5 to offer some of the best VR experiences. While it did have a slow start, we are now seeing a boatload of games released regularly and a plethora of titles on the horizon. Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7 and Synapse are highlights of the platform and help to make this an incredible purchase this Christmas.

PlayStation Portal

From one piece of hardware to another. Sony’s latest kit is aimed at a bizarrely niche audience, however, if you fall into this category then this will enhance your gaming experience. If you share your TV and want to rip off someone’s head on Mortal Kombat rather than watch another episode of Paw Patrol with your kid or younger sibling then this is for you. You can stream your PS5 games directly to your unit so that you can play wherever you like. Be warned though, a good internet connection is required!

Playstation Edge

The DualSense is a wonderful controller. The haptics, the grip, everything is intuitively designed to enhance your gaming sessions. So, why even consider a DualSense Edge? Well, there are several reasons as the Edge includes personalization options that will help you tailor your experience. You can easily remap buttons, adjust triggers and use back panels to help improve your performance. While admittedly not a mandatory purchase, for those wanting a luxury controller, this is the one to get.

Digital Games – Alan Wake 2

Sam Lake is an auteur, a legend of the industry. His games are stylish, complex and full of character which adds a distinct quality to each of his releases. Alan Wake 2 is his magnum opus, a true modern-day classic. With its Twin Peaks influences, the game is full of incredible moments that will keep you on edge for the entire runtime. Just because there is no physical release, don’t let this Game of the Year contender slip by.

Digital Games – Baldur’s Gate 3

Speaking of Game of the Year contenders, Baldur’s Gate 3 has to be in the running to claim this title. The originals are renowned for their storytelling and being the epitome of D&D in a video game format. Due to this, Larian Studios had to ensure that the sequel met expectations. Fortunately, the Divinity developer more than delivered creating an absolute masterpiece with the third entry in the series. Although a physical version has been announced for 2024, this is definitely worth putting on the Christmas list.

Physical Games – Street Fighter 6

I’m going to say it, Street Fighter 6 is the best game in the franchise. I know people adore the nuances that imbue the combat in Street Fighter 3 and the characters of Street Fighter 2 but the sixth iteration is just perfect. It draws elements from each of its previous games to create a battle system that is both fresh and familiar. The new control options allow anyone to get involved and due to this, it removes barriers to play. Not only is this an essential game for any PS5 owner, but it is also a great game local competitive game to play during the holidays.

Physical Games – Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 is the greatest entry in Capcom’s lauded horror series. So, why even remake it? While the Japanese developers had to completely reimagine RE2 and RE3, this remake is more of a refinement. Slight alterations to sequences and gameplay tweaks improve the experience and make your journey through a horrific village that much more terrifying. If you haven’t played it yet, put it on your Christmas list!

PlayStation Exclusives

Let’s not forget about the number of quality PlayStation exclusives that all PS5 owners should have in their collection. This year has the likes of Spide-Man 2 and Final Fantasy 16 which join a whole host of stunning games such as Returnal, God of War: Ragnarok and plenty more. If you haven’t checked out all the Sony exclusives, then please do.

There you have it. Those are my top treats for PlayStation 5 owners this Christmas. Are you interested in picking up any of these? Can you think of an extra special treat that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more great video game content.

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