Just Cause 4: Six Reasons Why It Is the Perfect Jumping off Point for Beginners

3. Out for a Relaxing Flight

The open world of Solis is big. Like, REALLY big. Of course, it can’t always be populated with bustling cities and military compounds ripe for the exploding. No, sometimes you’ll be met with small villages or towns, and more often than not some beautiful rolling hills. As you travel through the air (on the ground if you prefer a car for whatever reason) you’ll come across ancient ruins to uncover, turncoat spies to ‘ahem’ deal with, and of course, challenges to overcome such as racing through loops at different speeds or flying through rings in the wingsuit. These distractions – and the mechanics of flying in general – not only provide a great way to relax as well as a change of pace between chaotic explosion battles, but it often feels like its own entirely different game. Getting some flight practice between epic battles is both relaxing and easy.


2. A Smooth Ride 

I’ve played Just Cause 2 and 3 extensively, and with each iteration in the series, the game gets better, however, the flight controls still left a little something to be desired until the introduction of the powered wingsuit in Just Cause 3’s DLC. Just Cause 4 has had a complete revamp on the flight controls for both the parachute and wingsuit, making it much MUCH easier to use. This ties into the point about the controls feeling more intuitive, however the mechanics themselves are so much better. The wingsuit allows for much more dynamic angling as well as being able to pitch upwards and coast on thermals for extra hangtime. The parachute can be used not only to glide a little more gracefully but will now float up the side of cliffs when using the grapple hook. This can give you incredible height advantages for even longer and more graceful gliding in the wingsuit. When a game banks on this kind of traversal as a selling point, it’s important that they make it as accessible as possible and Just Cause 4 is definitely the smoothest ride the series has had to offer.

just cause 4 screen 3

1. Just Another Cause

Rico Rodriguez has had quite the adventure. In each entry of the series he has found himself looking down his sights at a terrible dictator on a remote, tropical island that needs help in the only way Rico knows how to provide: chaos. The biggest deterrent for those looking to jump into a new series is that they will have missed so much in the previous entries or that they might feel lost in the narrative. Just Cause is like if Michael Bay directed the James Bond films; while they are connected, each one can easily stand on its own two feet. In Just Cause 4 you will hear a brief summary during the opening credits as well as some offhand remarks here and there, but really the connections are so thin you can feel completely comfortable simply knowing you are Rico and Rico is a badass. This is its own game and as a whole is a fantastic place to start for those who just want to blow stuff up.

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