Holiday 2017 Gift Guide: The Best Xbox One Games, Hardware and Accessories For Gamers

Xbox One Gift Guide – Hardware and Accessories

Here’s a collection of hardware and accessories that will help make the Xbox One experience complete!

Xbox One X

This one is for those gift givers where money is less of an issue. It might come at a premium price, but the Xbox One X is one heck of a premium piece of hardware! The Xbox One X is 100% backward compatible with the existing Xbox One library and also offers substantial visual upgrade updates for a large selection of older games. Even if the gamer in question doesn’t have a 4K capable TV, all the Xbox One games perform much better on this updated console. The Xbox One X is definitely the best way to jump into the Xbox One family and for gamers who already have an Xbox One, there are plenty of reasons to justify the upgrade – especially the visual enhancements for those with a suitable TV.

Xbox Live Gold Membership

Xbox Live Gold - Article

The Xbox Live Gold membership is an absolute must-have for every Xbox One owner. With an Xbox Live Gold membership, the gamer can:

  • Play games online
  • Receive weekly discounts on various digital purchases (Deals with Gold)
  • Receive free select games each month (Games with Gold)

Even if the gamer has a membership, it’ll expire eventually – so it’s not like it will go to waste!

Xbox Wireless Controller – Minecraft Creeper and Minecraft Pig

Xbox One Minecraft Pig Controller - Article

The perfect gift for Minecraft fans, these brand new Xbox One wireless controllers come in two varieties: Minecraft Creeper and Minecraft Pig. The most difficult choice will be figuring out which one to pick (if in doubt, go with the Minecraft Creeper).

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

xbox one play and charge - article

The gift that keeps on giving! The Xbox One Play & Charge Kit allows gamers to continually recharge their Xbox One Controllers without the need for replacing batteries. It’s a solution that’s more convenient for gamers and far better for the environment (if you’re concerned about that kind of thing).

And that concludes our COGconnected’s Holiday 2017 Xbox One Gift Guide! We’re confident that if you give a gamer anything off this list, you’ll definitely bring some gaming joy to their Christmas! Of course, don’t forget to treat yourself too!