Ranking 2021 Video Games That Felt The Best

4. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank Boss

Although it didn’t necessarily re-invent action platforming, Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart fine-tuned and spit shined it. Some have called Rift Apart the best-looking game of all time. It’s certainly a proof of concept for the PS5, and that includes the power of the DualSense controller. Does Rift Apart feel good? We think you know the answer.

3. Forza Horizon 5

Some have called Forza Horizon 5 the best open-world game — not just a driving game — ever made. It’s definitely the culmination of the series. It feels good to play Forza Horizon 5 for so many reasons. The driving is amazing, there’s a ton of stuff to do and the game’s version of Mexico is entertaining to explore. Forza Horizon 5 makes the idea of feel seem inevitable.

2. Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

There’s probably an entire generation of gamers who haven’t had the fun of playing an original 2D Metroid game, since the last one was Metroid: Fusion in 2002. Metroid Dread was the side-scroller that everyone had been waiting for, and no one was disappointed by its action, controls, and combat. In short, it felt like a classic Metroid game. It felt great.

1. Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite

Ok, we get it. Not everyone loves Infinite’s open world campaign. (As an aside, some of us think it’s a welcome change) Forget the campaign, what feels great about Halo Infinite is the stuff that’s always felt great in the best Halo games: combat, weapons and multiplayer. That Halo Infinite was a success was a relief to many shooter fans, burned by the twin failures of Battlefield 2042 and COD Vanguard. Congrats to Halo Infinite for “feeling the best” in 2021.

What games felt great to you? What did we miss?

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