Ranking 2019’s Sexiest Heroes in Video Games

Game of the Year Awards 2019: Sexiest Hero in Gaming

Close the door, dim the lights, and cue the sexytime music, it’s time for us to countdown the sexiest heroes in gaming for 2019. Our list spans the entire video game universe, from galaxies far, far away to the Federal Bureau of Control. We’ve got heroes in police uniforms, we’ve got heroes in spandex. We’ve got gorgeous women, handsome men, and foxy fruit. Join us as we declare the Game of the Year Awards 2019: Sexiest Hero in Gaming.

14) Cole Walker – Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

Cole Walker is one sexy bad guy and it doesn’t hurt that he’s modelled after Hollywood hunk Jon Bernthal. While Ghost Recon: Breakpoint got punished by critics and gamers alike, I think most would agree that Cole Walker could punish them anytime – wink wink.

13) Sekiro – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Fashionable scarf, stylish man-bun, Sekiro is one sexy metrosexual (metroSekiro?) – but add that wicked scar over his left eye and you’ve got a ruggedly handsome hero.

12) Pedro – My Friend Pedro

Pedro. The banana with an attitude. Just looking at him should send tingles to some of our reader’s nether-regions. We’ll leave it at that.

11) Cal Kestis – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Fallen Order

First of all, how long has it really been since we had a great Star Wars game? Fortunately, Jedi: Fallen Order seems to nail it. Speaking of getting nailed, how cute is Cal Kestis? The force is pretty strong with this one, but ladies, he’s probably taken (see: #6).

10) Hulk Hogan – WWE 2K20

Ah, Hulk Hogan. Every time he rips a shirt off his chest, a fan loses their virginity. He puts the wood in Hollywood Hogan. Okay, i’ll see myself out…

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