Free Games in December 2015 – Which Platform is Best?

2015 is almost over, but guess what? There are still free games to be had. That’s right, we’re taking a look at all the free games in December 2015 from free game superstars Microsoft and Sony. We’ve had our ups and downs with free game offerings this year – how does December stack up?

**Referee’s note: to ensure a fair platform to platform showdown, PS Vita exclusives watch from ringside. However, an excruciatingly close battle CAN be decided by that added value. It’s the referee’s (my) call.**



With 4 games this month, Sony has dialed back a bit on the quantity front.


  • Gauntlet: Slayer Edition ($19.99)
    • Metacritic score: 71
  • King’s Quest – Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember ($9.99)
    • Metacritic score: 77


  • SSX ($19.99)
    • Metacritic score: 81
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon ($14.99)
    • Metacritic score: 82

Average Score: 77.75

Total Value: $64.96


Sony’s December free games are a mixed bag. The good first: the PS3 lineup. SSX is awesome – one of the best snow games of all time, and worth the price of admission on its own. Blood Dragon is equally awesome, especially if you’re into 80’s cyber future type cheese (you should be). Blood Dragon is hilariously self aware, and an extremely competent shooter. This PS3 lineup rocks.

PS4 is a bit hard up for content this month compared to the past. Gauntlet is… Gauntlet. They’ve remade the classic game again, and although genre fans will eat it up, there isn’t a bunch here to distinguish this game from the slew of clones out there. King’s Quest is the reboot of the classic adventure series and looks great while managing to have a charm of it’s own. Definitely worth giving a shot.


Microsoft sends out 5 free game in December, a bit above their usual number.

Xbox One

  •  The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing ($14.99)
    • Metacritic score: 72 (PC Version)
  • Thief ($29.99)
    • Metacritic score: 69
    • Available: December 16 – January 15

Xbox 360

  • Castlestorm ($9.99)
    • Metacritic score: 79
    • Available: December 1-15
  • Sacred 3 ($19.99)
    • Metacritic score: 51
    • Available: December 16-31
  • Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising ($9.99)
    • Metacritic score: 77
    • Available: December 16-31

Average Score: 69.6

Total Value: $84.95


While Microsoft is providing a high dollar value this month, the subjective quality of the games is somewhat lower than past months – especially on the Xbox One front. Thief was widely panned when it released and although it offers a fair amount of gameplay, it is strictly bargain bin fodder at this point. Van Helsing is marginally better, and is an entertaining ride for those interested in isometric action games.

Xbox 360 offerings aren’t too special either. Sacred 3 is a subpar Diablo clone, while Operation Flashpoint is a passable ARMA clone. Castlestorm is the one you’ll want to play, as it has some very cool Angry Birds type physics stuff going on within its tower defence structure. Overall there have been worse lineups, but this month feels pretty mailed in.

Head 2 Head

With the free games as gladiators, who will emerge from the coliseum victorious?

Gauntlet: Slayer Edition vs. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

Advantage: Draw

King’s Quest vs. Thief

Advantage: Sony

SSX vs. Castlestorm

Advantage: Sony

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon vs. Sacred 3 & Operation Flashpoint

Advantage: Sony

Winner: Sony

Sony wins this month on the strength of their PS3 lineup. Both games have hours and hours of enjoyment and are well worth hauling a PS3 out of mothballs to play. The current gen battle was much closer as Van Helsing and Gauntlet are EXTREMELY similar, but King’s Quest is much more charming and delightful than the lifeless feeling Thief. In all this was a disappointing month on most platforms, but I give the win to Sony for having the best free games in December 2015. Check back next month as 2016 kicks off with guess what? Free games!