Umbral Beasts and Epic Swords – 4 Features You Must See in Dauntless: Clear Skies

4 Features You Must See in the New Dauntless Update

If you’ve yet to play Dauntless – what are you waiting for? The epic free to play monster hunting game from Phoenix Labs has been steadily building steam and enhancing their game with new behemoths to fight, armor sets to collect, and overall content to keep it fresh. The studio has come forward with a surprise update that is far more than a few simple patches and it is the perfect jumping off point for new players. If you aren’t yet convinced about Dauntless, check out these 4 features you absolutely must see in the latest Dauntless update.

4. The Clear Skies Hunt Pass

For players looking to get a little more out of Dauntless, each season of free content includes the Hunt Pass which offers more exclusive goods for a small fee. These are of course entirely cosmetic in nature (as any paid service in gaming should be) and feature a number of particularly interesting and exciting new prizes to win. With the strong focus on the Umbral beasts (and the deviously dark new storyline) you’ll find new eldritch equipment and options relating to the Cthulhu mythos itself (one of the new color options is Carcosa which will paint you a stark yellow color) but you’ll also find a number of fantastic references to Indiana Jones. With taunts of snapping a whip and an entrance animation of being chased by a boulder, the Clear Skies Hunt Pass has 50 levels of rewards and each one is worth the effort.


3. Umbral Escalation

The Umbral Escalation is a fantastic test of mettle in gaming. For those who have yet to try it, players will face off in increasingly difficult challenges of fighting Umbral variants of existing behemoths. Each stage you complete will offer your choice of a random reward or temporary upgrade to keep on fighting to the end, but this update enhances the experience with even more Umbral behemoth variants, new upgrades, and plenty of more frantic action. These familiar monsters can use all new strategies to keep even the most experienced monster slayer on their toes.


2. Overhauling the Sword

With so many weapons to choose from in Dauntless, the Sword felt a bit tame. The epic blade has now been reworked from the ground up, featuring new animations, attack combos, and powers to make this not only a more interesting weapon, but one of the most viable options for slaying the behemoths that threaten Ramsgate. I put the new sword mechanics to the test and completed the Umbral Escalation by myself as the new weapon blended speed, agility, and fantastic damage output into a stellar new experience. While I personally lean towards a support role with the Repeater load-out, the new Sword mechanics have me second guessing my main play style.


1. The All New and Improved Ramsgate

When I heard Ramsgate was being updated, I thought it would be a quick cosmetic slap. Maybe a few new doors opened up, but otherwise business as usual. Ramsgate instead has been rebuilt from the ground up. This is an all new location with new characters to interact with, tons of space to roam and explore, and still yet plenty of options to grow and expand the city of the Shattered Isles. New launch pads are dotted around the city for easier exploration and more elevations to explore. Daily collectibles have plenty of new spots to appear, and despite this new more sophisticated layout it is still very easy – and fun – to navigate. I was absolutely blown away by the incredible new city and I can’t wait to see how Dauntless continues to grow in the future.


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