Counting Down The Top Summer Themed Horror Games

Friday The 13th: The Game

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Friday The 13th is arguably one of the most iconic horror franchises out there. With films being released since 1980, it was a matter of time before a game would release that really throws you into the horrors of Camp Crystal Lake. This multiplayer survival game has players playing as the camp counsellor themselves as they desperately try to escape the mask-wearing killer, Jason.

Summer of ‘58

Camp Yunost was the place where many parents left their children in the summer every year. However, in 1958 a child was accused of the murder of many residents and counsellors of the camp. The child was never found and the camp closed its doors indefinitely. Now in the year 2008, Alex Morton enters the building to vlog his paranormal findings. But instead, he discovers the truth of the dark secrets that surround this camp. This title is on the shorter side, being able to be completed within 90 minutes, I can assure you that this game is worth checking out for horror fans.

The Quarry

Countering the wintery themes of Until Dawn, Supermassive has thrown us into the end of a hectic summer. The children have been sent home after a fun-filled summer and the teenage counsellors work on leaving and saying goodbyes. A sudden turn of events has them staying at the once peaceful Hackett’s Quarry camp for one last night. The group then comes to learn of the many monsters and secrets hidden in this now horrifying night. And what’s better than being able to determine the fate of the characters and story itself with the decisions you choose to make. Despite this title having issues at launch, The Quarry is cinematic with some amazing actors who play some incredibly likeable characters.


And we are at the end of our list! If you picked up any of these games or played them before, let us know in the comments below! Be sure to keep it locked to COGConnected as we’ll give you updates on new developments.