Counting Down The Top Summer Themed Horror Games

Slayaway Camp

Instead of running away from the killer, in Slayaway Camp, you ARE the killer. In this bright voxel-style game, you play as Skullface as he makes his way through various puzzle-like maps. Get to your camp counsellors and slay, slay away in this dark comedic homage to 80’s horror movies.


There’s nothing better than being able to get together with a bunch of friends for a good old game of tag. But what happens when you up the stakes in a 3v3 stealth horror game. Defend your base and try to stop the other team from stealing the radio antenna by any means necessary. Play through 9 maps inspired by some of our favorite horror games armed to the teeth with fun weapons and gadgets. Night Hunt releases on July 25th on Steam, so get your friends ready to battle it out!

Camp Sunshine

Every year, so many kids all over look forward to summer camp. After all, what’s better than spending a couple of weeks away from your family and having fun under the stars with some of your new friends? Our protagonist Jez thought the exact same thing in this 16-bit horror-filled thriller. However, after waking up in the middle of the night in the midst of a bloodbath with a mascot-dressed serial killer. You must find a way through this cat and mouse game as you attempt to escape.

Lights Camera Slaughter

Play as Drew Williams as you begin interning a small low budget 90’s slasher film called “Lights, Camera, Slaughter!”. As you get to the set of a long-abandoned summer camp, you quickly come to learn that the previous tragedy is still around and raring to make a complete comeback. With PS1-themed graphics, stealth mechanics and much more, be prepared to be thrown into this wonderful classic horror movie theme as you attempt to escape the killer. This game hasn’t been released yet, but be sure to add it to your wishlist so you can be notified when it’s released.