Counting Down The Top Summer Themed Horror Games

Escape To These Top 10 Summer Themed Horror Games 

Horror is perfect for any time or season but there’s something about Summertime horror stories that just hit right. Many people have fond memories of telling ghost stories around a blazing fire at camp or even amongst a room full of friends, huddled together in their sleeping bags in the living room. The many stories you’d hear about adventuring through the dense forest near your summer home, visiting abandoned camps or perhaps trying to escape them – there’s a different kind of horror for everyone. If you’re looking for a good summertime-themed horror game to pass some of the time, check out our top pics!

In Hindsight

Horror games come in all shapes and sizes and In Hindsight is a wonderful little indie experience from LucidumArts. In the form of a beautifully painted visual novel, you and your friend CJ finally make it to your beloved summertime home to finally relax and revel in the wonderful season. However, after coming here year after year, you begin to discover some new locations and some eerie situations. This title is on the shorter end however it does have 4 different endings so there’s a fair amount of content for you if you need something different. If you want to check out this game and support this small developer, you can find it over on Itch.IO.

Last Summer

Developer Murase’s small and endearing title Last Summer is a short but visual treat. You play as a young lady with your only goal is to make it home. The streets are dark, and something seems off. Will you make it home safely or will the mysteries in the dark night surrounding stop you? Last Summer is another shorter walking simulator with around 1 hour of playtime. But at the price tag of $2.99, the adventure is certainly worth the price. You can find this game on Itch.IO or over on Steam.

Blood Camp

For fans of the original Resident Evil series with the tank controls and fixed camera angles, Blood Camp may just catch your eye. After witnessing the murder of your mother by the pig mask killer, you return to the same summer camp years later to cope and let go of the loss. However, you’re dumbfounded when you and your group of friends are faced with the same serial killer as before. Heavily inspired by 80’s horror movies and the PS1 era style art style, it surely brings back a sense of nostalgia. The reviews on the games are mixed, many saying the tank controls are too tanky and riddled with bugs. But for a game worth $1.00 over on Steam, the cons of this title could very well work into the campiness of this title.