The 3 Best (and 3 Worst) Moments from Bethesda’s E3 2019 Press Conference

Here Are Bethesda’s Best and Worst Moments From E3 2019

Bethesda is one of those game studios that brings it big to E3 every year, with huge announcements and reveals that are always sure to get the industry talking. But let’s be honest, this past year has been a bit of a rocky road for Pete Hines, Todd Howard et al, with the mixed (some might say disastrous) reception to Fallout 76 shaking gamers’ once-unquestioning faith in Bethesda after years of successes. So this year, there was a lot riding on the studio’s E3 presentation — did they do what they needed to do? Let’s find out as we examine the good and not-so-good moments from Bethesda’s E3 2019 showcase.


The Best: New Fallout 76 Content and Improvements

Yes, you read that right. To their credit, Todd Howard and the Fallout 76 team bit the bullet and wisely acknowledged the game’s shortcomings at launch, then gave a nod to the game’s small but surprisingly-great community of players. Good move. They followed that up by announcing a slew of additions to the game, first and foremost of which was the Wastelanders Update which will finally add human NPCs (something I saw coming since launch day), a big new quest, full dialogue trees with said new NPCs, and more. As for the new 52-player “Nuclear Winter” Battle Royale mode, well, ok, I guess. But still, there were enough substantial additions announced on Sunday that Fallout 76 might just be salvaged yet.

The Best: GhostWire: Tokyo

Seemingly out of nowhere, this action adventure game from the respected Shinji Mikami is set in a gritty neon Tokyo landscape. It came up to the stage and got our attention real quick, and had us curious to see lots more. As introduced on stage by the charmingly-awkward Ikumi Nakamura, GhostWire: Tokyo’s trailer was the quintessential teaser, mixing bizarre images of the occult, rainy cyberpunk urban scenes, ramen noodles and … a lone shoe on an escalator. We have no clue what it all meant, but damn we can’t bloody wait to play it — or at least see some gameplay footage. Check out the trailer for yourself below.


The Best: Rage 2 

We at COGconnected have been having a ball in Rage 2’s wild open world, and Bethesda’s E3 2019 presentation brought the promise of lots more violent mayhem in the game’s future. The new Rise of the Ghosts expansion was unveiled and it’s going to bring new areas to explore, cool new vehicles and even a playable mech. It was also introduced with a hilarious ‘80s sitcom parody that set the perfect cheeky tone for the carnage to follow. The team behind Rage 2 clearly loves what they do and that sense of fun came through loud and clear during Rage 2‘s showcase at Bethesda E3.

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