A Beginners Guide to Sniper Elite 4: How to Kill With Style

9 Sniper Elite 4 Tips For Beginners

Sniper Elite 4 can be an imposing game; the maps are enormous, enemies are smarter and there are a wealth of options and opportunities for the calculated killer. Before jumping into one of the strongest entries in this series, there are a few things you should know that will turn you into the baddest Nazi killing sniper in the business.

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Sniper Elite 4 Screen 2

Start with the shooting range

I know you’re excited to start shattering skulls and exploding testicles (yes that’s a thing), but tamper your excitement for just a minute and head to the shooting range to hone your skills. Sniper Elite isn’t your average shooter and mastering the rifle will be key. Playing anywhere at normal difficulty or above means you’ll have to think of factors like distance, bullet arc, wind, enemy movement, etc. Best to learn the basics on the range before you head to the field.

Planning is everything

As I said, the maps on Sniper Elite can be daunting at first. There are a ton of objectives to tackle and many maps can take upwards of an hour to fully complete. Take stock of where your objectives are located and plan an attack, remember that your binoculars are your best friend. By scouting you will be able to tag enemies, explosives, objectives, vehicles, environmental hazards, mines and more. Be thoughtful about your approach and don’t just go guns blazing.

Think about your environment

The world around you can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Before you start your attack, think about whether you have any cover or camouflage, do you have the high ground on your enemies, are there multiple routes of attack or escape, and are there any distractions you can use to your advantage. Enemies will pinpoint your location quickly if you aren’t careful and they will flank you.

Be quiet like a mouse

Sound is one of the biggest giveaway’s to your location in Sniper Elite. That means moving slow to muffle your steps and thinking about your shots before you take them. Many levels have noise distractions that can mask your location, time your shots with these to confuse the enemy. If there’s nothing available, remember that most weapons have suppressed fire ammo making your shots harder to locate.

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