Battleborn Tips: How To Survive The Open Beta

Hey! Have you heard? Battleborn is headed into open beta on PS4 TODAY. You can download it right now, and we’ve got a few hot Battleborn tips to help you avoid annihilation during the open beta. Without further ado, here are 6 Battleborn tips to help you get the most out of your first crack at Battleborn!


Know Thyself

There are 25 characters in Battleborn, and you’d do well to understand your choice before heading into the thick of battle. Are you playing a tank like Montana? A damage dealer like Benedict? A support character like Ambra? You need to know your role inside out if you want to survive. Always be aware of where your healer is, and use tank characters as cover. Get greedy, and you’ll die. When you die, the rest of your team is likely to die. Don’t do that! Know your role.

Battleborn Minions

Know Thy Enemy

Playing Battleborn isn’t as simple as hitting play. Well, it is, but if you don’t use your noodle, you’re going to get squashed. Knowing the heroes you’re playing against is just as important as understanding your own team. Familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of each of the characters, and then set up your team to deal with those specific threats. It’s one of the most important Battleborn tips I can give.

Battleborn Ambra

Open Your Mouth

Staying silent isn’t an option if victory is your goal. Your team needs to communicate effectively. Where are threats coming from? Is your health low? Are you minding your minions? These are things the whole team needs to be aware of at all times, because one instance of botched communication can result in a landslide victory for the other team.

Battleborn Preview pic 3

Stick Together

I know you want to be a hero, but stick with the group would you? Charging off alone into enemy territory is both suicide and murder by proxy. Battleborn is designed to require teamwork, and tanking a bunch of damage isn’t going to help the team if nobody is dealing damage at the same time. Sure, at times you might go off to collect shards or upgrade turrets, but for the most part you’ll be safest as a tight knit squad.

Battleborn El Dragon

Turrets Galore

Don’t overlook the turret upgrade mechanics at play in Battleborn. The turrets can be a serious thorn in the side of your enemy, especially if you can capture turrets deeper into the map earlier in the game. A single well placed turret can turn the tides of battle in your favour near the centre of the map – lots of players tend to ignore the turrets completely, and they do a fair bit of damage.

battleborn story mode

Hired Help

This list of Battleborn tips wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Battleborn’s mercenaries. Capturing a mercenary camp recruits them to your cause for a time. They can tank and deal out a ton of damage, so capture those camps!


What are your favourite tactics in Battleborn? How about other MOBA-like games? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!