8 Outriders Tier 1 Weapon Mod Combos you Can’t Miss

8 Outriders Weapon Mod Combos you Can’t Miss

One of the core aspects of Outriders is the incredible ability to customize your arsenal. Your selected perks in the skill tree, your equipped powers, and the mods you choose to add to your weapons and gear will all work together in blissful harmony to create some unbelievable and devastating effects. A few hours into the game you’ll start having access to those delicious purple weapons which not only pack a significantly stronger punch, but can also equip two mods at a time. These weapons will already have a Tier 1 mod attached as well as start offering up some Tier 2 options.

These experimental combinations are fantastic and lethal to say the least, but which mods will synchronize the best? We’ve got a list of Tier 1 mod combos here for you to see and inspire some new ideas! This list is going to be kept to Tier 1 options only, as these will be the most readily available mods for you to unlock and the easiest combinations to make once you encounter (or upgrade to) epic loot, as each one will already contain one Tier 1 mod (NOTE: when changing a mod on a weapon you can only alter one mod slot, the other slot will be locked to whichever mod is equipped.)


1. Shield Maiden and Essence Thief

We discovered very quickly in the demo that Shield Maiden is already an overpowered mod all on its own, with direct hits generating shields regardless of which class you are playing. In that same vein, Essence Thief will generate health based on the damage your weapon deals. Both of these mods have a cooldown of only 1s, so the faster you can pump those bullets, the more unstoppable you become. If you can get these both on an LMG, SMG, or assault rifle, you’ll be laughing.


2. Fireworks and Fusion Blast

What does a weapon that causes explosions need? More explosions! One of the mods I personally rely on far too often – especially against the Perforo – hits with Fireworks explode on impact (not kill) dealing huge damage and splash damage within 6m of the target with a 3s cooldown. Combined that with Fusion Blast which does the same within 5m with a 1.5s cooldown and your enemies are swimming in a sea of explosions.



3. Clip Combustion and First Things First

Definitely more ideal for your close range builds (I’m looking at you Trickster and Devastator) particularly on a shotgun, with Clip Combustion you’ll generate a high power shockwave every time you reload your weapon in a 5m radius, while First Things First makes it so that first shot after a fresh reload deals an additional 30% armor piercing shot. Now slap that on a pump action shotgun with only 6-8 shots in the chamber and everything in your vicinity will be turned to a spray of blood and viscera.


4. Soul Devourer and Life Stock

Another excellent option for some fast healing but more suited for mid to long range combat, Soul Devourer regenerates health with every kill you get as opposed to the damage dealt like Essence Thief. Life Stock, however, will regenerate health for each enemy killed since your last reload without swapping weapons. This means if you prefer to sit back and pick off Insurgents with a nice little sniper rifle or assault rifle it’s a safe bet you’ll stay stocked up on health.


5. Toxic Bullets and Proliferation

Think of it as spreading the plague among your enemies. While Toxic Bullets can later be replaced with its upgraded variants for a shorter cooldown time (the base version is 8s) what matters is its combination with Proliferation. This mod makes it so enemies afflicted with a status condition will then spread it to the next closest enemy. This combo could work with any number of other status effect bullet mods, but there is something wickedly evil about it being the toxic variant you spread among their ranks.



6. Clip of Amalthea and Anomaly Surge

For those of you who love to hold down the trigger, this combo is just for you. Clip of Amalthea grants a 30% chance that critical shots won’t consume any ammo, which means plenty more bullets in the chamber for your target. So why pair that up with Anomaly Surge? Critical shots will spawn an anomaly energy blast dealing damage in a 2m radius with a 1s cooldown. Those crit shots you dish out now not only don’t cost you ammo, they set off anomaly explosions in their place.


7. Vampire and Ruler of Leeches

Do you love ripping health from your enemies to sustain yourself? While not the flashiest combo, this is one geared towards absolute survivability. Vampire makes it so kill shots will grant a 15% skill leech boost for 20 seconds. What about Ruler of Leeches? Kill shots here increase your weapon leech skill by 20% for 20 seconds as well. One kill with this weapon you’ve forged and suddenly everything you do is constantly giving you incredible, enhanced healing abilities.


8. Weakening Bullets and Hot Blood

It might be an alien planet, but sometimes you just want to feel like it’s the Old West, don’t you? Weakening Bullets will of course inflict weakness on any enemies you shoot with a cooldown of 8s (which, much like Toxic Bullets, will have stronger variants you can use down the road) but the key here is its combination with Hot Blood. When an enemies health is below 50%, the bullets you fire will ricochet to 3 enemies within 5m and inflict burning. Weakening will already make subsequent hits deal more damage, meaning you’ll drop the enemy below 50% in no time. With those other enemies now on fire, hitting them with weakening shots will set off the same reaction only faster, and so on. If you’re fast on the trigger you’ll easily lay out a small squad in no time.

Outriders Pyromancer


Those are just some of the amazing Tier 1 weapon mod combos we have found. Are there any you want to share with your fellow Outriders? Would you like to see some suggested Tier 2 mods as well? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and be sure to check out our list of 200 Outriders mods, as well as our suggestions on some varied builds of the Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator, and Technomancer.