7 Things We Would Love to See in Rage 3

7 Things We Would Love to See in Rage 3

I know what you are thinking: but RAGE 2 just came out! Bethesda announced new content plans! And you are absolutely right! But inevitably RAGE 2 – for as utterly fantastic and psychotic as it is – is going to fall by the wayside and need to move on. Walker can only do so much in the wasteland, and hopefully, we won’t have to wait quite so long for RAGE 3 as we did for its predecessor.

Now really the single most important aspect of a sequel is that it learns from its past in order to create a better future. Take what works and build upon it to make it better than it was, right? Whether you love it or hate it, RAGE 2 is a unique and bombastic experience that takes aspects of Bethesda’s previous work and meshes them together into something that just works. With that in mind, here are seven things we would love to see in RAGE 3 – whenever that may be.

7. Remember What Brought You to the Dance

Id Software knows what they are doing when it comes to pleasing their fans. They understand what their fan base is looking for and that couldn’t be more apparent in the straight-to-the-point narrative of 2016’s DOOM. RAGE 2 adds a little more flavor to its narrative, but it knows not to take itself too seriously and get to what matters: the action. I love a strong narrative in games, but RAGE 3 would feel like a slog if they attempted to give it a meaty, complex narrative. Id knows their strength is high speed, explosive action so please, stick to what brought you to the dance.

6. Turf Wars

One of the things I enjoy about RAGE 2 are the enemy factions. The Goons, the Mutants, the Immortal Shrouded, they all require unique tactics and have their own unique AI in combat. While it’s easy enough to know which gang is situated where on the map, this feels like a stepping stone for something bigger. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey allows the territory to be divided between two factions, so what about doing the same with the gangs? Clearing out an area could leave it free and unoccupied for X amount of time providing some kind of bonus, only for it to be claimed by another gang days later. It opens up a lot of gameplay possibilities and if these enemy factions are rising up with controlled chaos, it just makes sense.

5. Modular Vehicles

Does anyone intentionally drive any car other than the Phoenix? The weapons and upgrades on that ride are so badass it makes me wonder what else we could see from the wasteland garage. Maybe in RAGE 3 our plucky hero isn’t so fortunate as to have a Rangers vehicle and starts with a busted up piece of crap. Imagine the freedom of customizing and modding your own super-car with cow catches, a Tesla coil, spiked armor, whatever you wanted. RAGE 2 is about going balls out in combat, so why not step it up in RAGE 3 with customizable vehicles that pack a punch?

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