7 Games You Have to Play on Oculus Quest 2

3. Journey of the Gods

While the name might be campy and the graphics aren’t photo-realistic, you would be doing yourself a disservice to ignore Journey of the Gods. It’s a beautiful and bright adventure about destiny and becoming the hero you were meant to be. Armed with a sword, shield, and crossbow, you’ll venture forth to defeat evil and free the gods. It’s almost what I expect a Legend of Zelda VR game would be like. It is absolutely brimming with charm, combat is easy and straight forward, and using the crossbow feels far too good. You’ll unlock godly powers, find collectibles, and upgrade your gear on your quest to save the land. Who doesn’t want to be the hero? Journey of the Gods has a free demo on the Quest store right now to walk you through the first stage and I highly recommend giving it a shot.

2. Moss

Moss originally launched on PSVR back in 2018 but has wiggled its way into the Oculus Store and I couldn’t be happier about the chance to finally play this absolutely immaculate game. Rather than playing as Quill herself, you are known only as the Reader (the one reading the events from the book) and you’ll control Quill using the Touch controllers as if it were a side-scrolling platformer. The stage in front of you will be laid out like a beautiful dollhouse to navigate her through, defeating enemies, climbing ledges, and using your hands to manipulate the environment and help her out. Quill is absolutely adorable, often looking for a high five after completing a puzzle and doing a happy dance when you clap hands with her. Due to the nature of the level design you won’t be moving much, so it’s another title that is easy on the stomach for long periods of time.

1. Until You Fall

There are plenty of games in VR that will challenge you to swing a sword, shoot a gun, or fire a bow, but Until You Fall takes a generous leap forward into not only making you feel unstoppable, but it gives you an exemplary work out at the same time. Best played while standing, Until You Fall gives you two weapons and asks you to block, dodge, and slash your way through procedurally generated corridors while taking on the undead. The fantastic soundtrack, cool armor, and beautiful weapon design coupled with an engaged and intense combat system makes for an incredible experience. Until You Fall is a valiant step forward in what VR gaming can be.


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