7 Games You Have to Play on Oculus Quest 2

7 Games You Have to Play on Oculus Quest 2

So there you are with your shiny new Oculus Quest 2 in your hands. You went through the motions of getting your account set up and you followed our very helpful guide on what to do to get started on your first steps into VR. You’ve probably looked at which games are available on the Quest 2 and you have a good idea which ones you want to try first, but before you go running head long into the virtual world we’ve put together a list of some VR games available right now that deserve your attention. This list is composed of unique and distinct games that each represent what VR is all about, and what the Quest 2 can really do. Here are 7 games to try first on the Oculus Quest 2.

7. Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition

Originally released in mid 2019, Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition might be considered a glorified tech-demo to some, but this game has hours upon hours of content. You’ll find yourself transported into the highest room of a wizard’s tower with a plethora of spells to make, secrets to find, and sassy comebacks from that animated skull on the desk! This is a fantastic game to play after completing New First Steps as it puts everything you learned into practice in a beautifully detailed world. The room features a trophy rack where each of your achievements can be seen as well as a few puzzles that are sure to test you. Craft magic spells, drink potions, and fight corrupted knights, there is plenty to do in this beautiful game.

6. In Death: Unchained

Taking some inspiration from the Souls series, In Death: Unchained is a procedurally generated rogue-like with the only weapon at your disposal a bow and arrow. You have risen in Purgatory, overrun with corrupted denizens, forsaken knights, and walking abominations. With your bow in hand and a shield on your arm you’ll push forward through the afterlife to purge the foul beasts of corruption. The bow and arrow mechanics are absolutely spot on and a great little work out. You’ll earn achievements with each run, unlocking stat boosts and abilities to help you press onward. Purgatory is procedurally generated and will change with every run, keeping you on your toes. It’s a great way to practice that hand-eye co-ordination and is a truly spooky outing without going into full Souls territory.

5. Phantom: Covert Ops

Do you love a good spy thriller? Are James Bond and other stealth action films some of your favorite blockbusters? Phantom: Covert Ops sees you infiltrating a secret Russian base to gather intel on the production of a dangerous chemical, using only your wits and a handful of items at your disposal. With seriously immersive graphics, an amazing sniper rifle, and multiple ways of approaching the situation at hand, you probably wouldn’t believe how fun it is to spend the entire time in a kayak. Check out our full review of Phantom: Covert Ops here, but trust me, if Sam Fisher and Solid Snake are two of your favorite gaming heroes, this one is an absolute necessity.

4. Dash Dash World

Releasing only a few days ago on October 8th, Dash Dash World is far more fun that I had hoped it would be. If you love kart racers you are in for a treat as Dash Dash World combines the fast paced and wild gameplay you’ve come to know and love with wild first person VR. You’ll race through all sorts of colorful locales, unlocking hundreds of customization parts for you and your car, and dishing out the pain with egg launchers, bee bombs, and fully automatic foam dart guns. The more I played, the more I couldn’t help but smile at the sheer speed, fun, and absurdity of it. If you’ve ever ridden in a real go-kart and wished you could shoot at your friends or lob random items at them, look no further. Dash Dash World features a single player story mode to get used to the game as well as online to go head to head with random racers. I can only hope Dash Dash World will continue to get support with more tracks and items as time goes on because it’s just good wholesome fun with an absolutely delightful and easy to use control scheme.

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