5 Unique Roguelikes To Try Out in 2023

A Unique Genre 

The world of gaming is ever-expanding. It is home to multiple genres and often blends the boundaries between them. However, it can be argued that no genre is as unique when it comes to gameplay mechanics as roguelikes are. Of course, roguelikes revolve around the idea that when the player character dies, they restart their adventure. Oftentimes, this means that players will begin again with nothing, or they can unlock certain permanent upgrades that last between runs. 

Importantly, as the roguelike genre advances, so do its features. From narrative marvels like Hades to action-packed thrills like Risk of Rain 2 and side-scrolling adventures like Dead Cells. Roguelikes take on a host of different forms. Yet, each provides a unique and fun gameplay loop that keeps players engaged. 

Of course, 2023 has a whole host of roguelike games lined up for fans of the genre. Without further ado, here are five roguelike games releasing, or just released, in 2023 that you should check out. COGConnected will dive a bit into these new titles and specifically what makes them unique. 

1. Ravenbound 

Inviting players to a tale full of Scandinavian folklore, Ravenbound is a roguelike that uses an open world to its advantage. Developed by Systematic Reaction, Ravenbound allows players to become The Vessel, wielding the power of a weapon known as the Raven. The Raven is a weapon created by ancient gods to destroy the darkness of the world. Importantly the Raven also allows players to be revived upon their death. 


The unique aspects that come with Ravenbound stem from the fact that it is an open-world roguelike. Where exploration is so necessary, yet death is so inevitable, players enter a gameplay loop of exploring, dying, and growing stronger. 

As with many roguelikes/roguelites defeat gives you a chance to grow stronger. Dying allows players to develop new powers, abilities, and weapons. What makes Ravenbound special is its setting and open world. A world full of secrets, exploration, and Scandinavian monsters. 

Ravenbound is releasing on March 30th, on Steam

2. For the King II 

IronOak Games is excited about the return of its very own roguelike with the upcoming release of For the King II. For fans of turn-based RPGs, this roguelike provides a classic approach to combat, with elements of D&D and roguelikes mixed in. 

For the King II

The game re-introduces players to the same setting as the first, Fahrul. This time, the beloved queen from the first game has turned on her people. Now, players join a resistance against the royal tyrant. The uniqueness of For the King II lies in its iconic party-based gameplay. Whether alone or with friends, players take on a party of various classes. As they adventure across Fahrul the party will kill monsters, level up, and gain better items. However, if you fail the party is dead and you will need to start from the beginning of the campaign with a new party. 

For the King II invites players to a more slow-paced style of roguelike, drawing a great deal of inspiration from the RPGs of old. Of course, this isn’t to say the game is not innovative in its own right. Importantly For the King II builds upon elements of those classic RPGs, places them in a roguelike setting, and adds a monumental list of new features to them. Players can utilize pets, land ships, mercenaries, new classes, weapons, armor, and more all to make their characters as powerful as possible in any one run. 

Currently For the King II is set to release later in 2023 on Steam, to begin with. 

3. Hellcard 

With the success of their first game, Book of Demons, Skystone Games has brought players a sequel. Hellcard reintroduces players to the deckbuilding roguelite action of the first game. For fans of a more tactical, strategic, approach to their games, Hellcard may be the roguelike for you. 


Thrusting players once again into the Paper Dungeons, facing off against the Archdemon’s hordes. Importantly, players will be able to choose their character class, which will give them a deck. Uniquely Hellcard combines strategy, RPG, and deck-building elements all within easy to learn hard to master gameplay loop. Players will need to approach each battle differently and have a full understanding of their deck to defeat over 35 different monsters. Of course, failure will put you right back at the beginning. 

Hellcard is already out and waiting for players who want a more thinking-based roguelike. You can find the game on Steam

4. Ravenswatch

Not to be confused with Ravenbound, this top-down, action roguelike by NACON and Passtech Games invites players into a world of fairytales come to life. Darker than one would expect, players take on the role of several iconic fairytale and folklore characters from Little Red Riding Hood to Beowulf. 

Unique Roguelike

Ravenswatch is a roguelike for players who want a classic action RPG experience. With a top-down view, the game features ability upgrades, quests, loot for your characters, and more. Each unique character provides their very own abilities and playstyles offering players the chance to change up their gameplay loop and try a whole new way to play the game. 

Ravenswatch is launching into Steam Early Access on April 6th, 2023. Furthermore, the game will also be arriving on consoles in 2024. 

5. Darkest Dungeon II 

The Sequel to Red Hook Studios’ hit RPG roguelike, Darkest Dungeon II ups the ante. For players wanting a more difficult style of roguelike, this may be the one for you. Combining strategic turn-based combat with party-based mechanics and difficult encounters, Darkest Dungeon II builds upon the features of the first game in a big way. 

Unique Roguelike

Darkest Dungeon II continues developing the Lovecraftian Horror of the first game. It delves deeper into the madness that has gripped the world of the game, summoning even more eldritch horrors for players to fight. Of course with a whole host of fan-favorite classes, including the most recently added The Vestal, there are endless combinations of party members. Importantly, this allows players to mix and match characters to develop different playstyles and tackle the challenges before them. 

Darkest Dungeon II is leaving Early Access on May 8th. Currently, the game is available in Early Access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. More updates are coming for the game as well, so now is the perfect time to jump into the fear and darkness of Darkest Dungeon II.