3 Up, 3 Down – Three Things We Love (And Hate) About Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 Love Hate List

It took a while but I’ve finally lit the last bonfire and have started gearing up before heading into NG+. Dark Souls 3, being the last of the trilogy, has completed this series on a high note that will be difficult to top by games from any genre. While From has improved on Dark Souls 2 a lot, there were still a few changes I wasn’t too happy about. Here are six key changes from Dark Souls 2 to 3 that either left me scratching my head, or jumping for joy even 30+ hours later (aka our Dark Souls 3 Love Hate List).

Dark Souls 3

The Love List

No More Agility/Adaptability

FROM has made the fantastic decision to remove agility and adaptability! Finally, no more raging about having terrible invincibility frames while rolling at low level. Not only does this mean you can more easily distribute your souls as you level up, but you can now build a more evasive character right from the start. I have no idea why they added this to Dark Souls 2, but I’m overjoyed that it’s gone.

Weapons Now Have Abilities

Whether you’re using a bow, dagger, great club or talisman, you can now use weapon abilities. This is generally done by two-handing the item and pressing the left trigger. Weapon abilities come in many forms, such as temporary buffs or new attacks, and they have the potential to change the tides of battle. While not necessary to win any fights or complete the game, some of these are incredibly handy in the right situation, particularly the Rapid Fire ability on certain bows.

Dark Souls 3

New Ashen Estus Flask

Casters can rejoice, for the almighty estus flask now has a companion, the ashen estus flask. You can choose how to allot your estus charges at the blacksmith, using the ashen estus flask to restore FP for more spell use. This is incredibly handy for non-magic users as weapons now have abilities that can use up FP, like the sheathed strike/parry on katanas or the battle cry on an axe. Having limited casts is a thing of the past, although bigger spells/miracles drain a lot more FP than something like Heal Aid.

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